Fix csc.exe application error in Windows 10

Fix csc.exe application error in Windows 10

Csc.exe is a C# compiler that accompanies Microsoft’s .NET Framework. Despite the fact that we have secured .NET Framework issues on this site, the csc.exe error is of a different variety. At the point when you attempt to close down your PC, it typically goes easily – yet not generally. Because of certain factors, you can get the csc.exe error.

You need to dispose of the csc.exe error rapidly because without doing that, your machine would go off haphazardly, and you can’t utilize your PC. In the section that follows, I’ll walk you through the steps for fixing this issue on your Windows 10 PC.

How to fix csc.exe error

If you’re experiencing the csc.exe error on your Windows 10 PC, follow the steps underneath:

  • Re-install or update the .NET Framework.
  • Verify the csc.exe cycle.
  • Restore your PC to a previous state.

We should investigate the above steps in more detail.

1] Re-install or update the .NET Framework


The real csc.exe file works with Microsoft’s .NET Framework. Of course, your machine has this installed, however, if issues emerge with the .NET Framework on your PC, then the csc.exe error can show up.

You can likewise experience this error if you’re using an obsolete version of the structure. The most common fix for the csc.exe error is to uninstall the .NET Framework, then download the most recent version of the structure, and reinstall it on your PC. On the download page, guarantee that you download the suggested version at the top of the rundown. That is the latest one.

2] Verify the csc.exe process

The genuine csc.exe executable file as a rule is situated in the Microsoft.NET\Framework\<Version> folder under the Windows directory. If it is found somewhere else, it could well be malware.

Another indicator that the csc.exe is genuine is that its size ought to be around 48 KB, 75 KB, or 78. KB. Anything outside of these reaches might be an infection and must go.

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For this situation, we recommend you use a standalone outsider antivirus programming to examine your PC – or then again get the file filtered online with various antivirus engines.

3] Restore your PC to a previous state

A framework restore brings your machine back to its prior, stable state. If you recall when you started getting the csc.exe error and have a restore point before that date, then you ought to investigate this option.

  1. Press the Windows key and quest for recovery. Select Recovery from the query items.
  2. In the Recovery window of the Control Panel, click on Open System Restore.
  3. Hit Next on the main screen of the System Restore wizard. You will now observe a rundown of your restore options.
  4. Select the latest restore point whose Date and Time additionally go before the csc.exe error. Finish the on-screen directions to finish the framework restore the measure.

Following the framework restore, your information won’t be erased or lost. However, framework settings may return to how they were on the specified date you restored the PC to. There’s nothing more to it!

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