How to Fix F2 rename key not working in Windows 10

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F2 is the hotkey in Windows, which can assist you with renaming a file or folder. You have to just choose a file or folder, and press F2 to rename it rapidly. However, if that stops working, then there can be two or three explanations behind that. It could be a product issue or an equipment issue. In this post, we will take a gander at the potential arrangements one can attempt when F2 rename not working in Windows 10.

F2 rename not working in Windows 10

Follow these methods to either resolve or remap the F2 key, which isn’t working. This tutorial works for any key which can be mapped.

  • Check if using FN with F2 makes a difference
  • Check Startup programs
  • Remap Key.

Before you begin ensure that there is no physical impediment for the key. If required, clean your keyboard truly.

1] Check if using FN with F2 makes a difference

A portion of the keyboards, particularly on laptops, offer the F keys (F1, F2, etc) in combination with extraordinary control buttons, for example, brilliance, volume control, media control, etc. At the point when you press such keys, they execute specific activities and not the F keys. The F keys are available through another key called the Fn keys. At the point when you press the Fn key and the uncommon button, then it works.

Depending on the laptop and keyboard type, you ought to have the option to change the conduct of such keys. You can either change their conduct or incapacitate the extraordinary buttons from Keyboard programming or the BIOS/UEFI (Function key or Multimedia Key). It is something you should mess around and find the exit plan.

Some OEMs likewise offer a simple method to impair or empower the Fn key, which is by pressing it for somewhat more. Then again, some OEMs offer Fn Lock around the Esc key.

2] Check Startup programs

If there so Fn keys on your keyboard, it could be because some other program is using it. If a program is blocking it, then the odds are that it starts up with the PC. So we have to investigate the startup programs. There are two different ways to find out:

Start Up Programs

Boot into experimental mode, and check if F2 works. If it works, then this is because of some program that uses the F2 key in the program. Now the following sensible advance is to take a gander at the rundown of projects that start when long to Windows. For instance, one user detailed that the “Babylon word reference” program was using the F2 key for spell check.

  • Right-click on the Taskbar, and select Task Manager
  • Change to Startup Tab, and disable all the outsider projects
  • Restart the PC and check if F2 works, if yes then follow the subsequent stage
  • Open the projects which you impaired on by one, and check if the issue returns.
  • The app, which, when empowered, causes the F2 key to not function as normal is the issue.
  • Now that you have discovered your app check the app settings or design and disable the use of the F2 key.

If this doesn’t help, you may need to play out a perfect boot and participate in some focussed troubleshooting.

3] Remap Key


If nothing else works, then it could be the issue at the equipment level. If that is the main key not working, then it doesn’t bode well to purchase another keyboard. Instead, you can remap another key that you don’t use that regularly to take care of business.

If you have Microsoft Keyboard, then you can use the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center to reassign

Some OEMs additionally offer to remap keys, so you might need to investigate that too.

In conclusion, you can use the Keyboard Manager PowerToy or outsider programmings like KeyTweak and SharpKeys to remap the key.

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