Restore Deleted Games in Windows 10

How To Restore Deleted Games in Windows 10

There’s no way of making a file undeletable in Windows 10. If it is not a default app, then you are allowed to delete it. So what if you accidentally deleted a game on Windows 10? You would definitely want to restore your data. Because no one likes to perform any extra hassle.

Also, there are some games that don’t give synchronization facilities. So in such games, if you delete their files willingly or accidentally, you would like to find a way to recover them no matter the cost. Here, I’ll describe How To Restore Deleted Games in Windows 10. It’s a simple task, but only if you know the right ways to do it.


3 Ways to Restore Deleted Games in Windows 10

Get a third-party tool

Restore Deleted Games

If you don’t want to get into any sort of hassle and willing to get the job done with ease, then getting GameSave Manager works well for you. Because this software is specifically designed for users who want to recover accidentally deleted files in Windows 10. So you can do the same by getting software on your PC without paying any real money.

This utility also offers a chance for you to backup your game or app files. And for your sake, you should create a backup and use this software even if you haven’t deleted any files yet. Furthermore, while using this program, you are also allowed to transfer/share your files from one device to another.

Download GameSave Manager

Examine Recycle Bin

Restore Deleted Games in Windows 10

  • Launch Recycle Bin from the desktop of your PC.
  • See the files that are available in it, and select the game files you want to recover.
  • Now right-click on your desired file and select Restore
  • The restored file will be transferred to the same file location from where it was deleted.

Utilize File History

recover deleted games in Windows

  • Launch File Explorer using the Cortana search.
  • Navigate to the file destination in which your game folder is saved.
  • Right-click on your game’s folder and select Properties
  • Click on the Previous Versions tab.
  • Select your desired game version.
  • Hit the Apply button to save changes and the Ok button to close the tab.

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