How to Fix Windows 10 Update 0x80071160 error

If you face issues installing a few Windows 10 Updates and see error code 0x80071160 then this post will support you. This error could happen if Windows Update framework segments have been tainted.

Fix Windows 10 Update error 0x80071160

How to Fix Windows 10 Update 0x80071160 error

If you’re confronted with this Windows Update error 0x80071160, you can attempt our suggested arrangements in the request introduced beneath to determine the issue.

We should investigate the portrayal of the cycle included concerning every one of the recorded arrangements.

1] Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

As usual, your initial phase in the endeavor to determine the Windows Update error 0x80071160 is to run the inbuilt Windows Update Troubleshooter and check whether that assists with settling the issue. Else, proceed with the following arrangement.

2] Clear the SoftwareDistribution folder

Here you have to clear/reset the Windows Update reserve and parts and afterward retry the update cycle again and check whether the error continues. If along these lines, attempt the following arrangement.

3] Manually Reset Windows Update Components to default

Use the Reset Windows Update Agent Tool and check whether it causes you. This PowerShell content will assist you With resetting the Windows Update Client.

4] Manually download the update from Microsoft Update Catalog

This arrangement involves you physically download from the Microsoft Update Catalog, the update that is neglecting to install and thus setting off the Windows Update error 0x80071160 and afterward install the update on your Windows 10 PC.

5] Perform Clean Boot and run Windows Update

A Clean Boot is performed to start Windows by using an insignificant arrangement of drivers and startup programs. This kills programming clashes that happen when you install a program or an update or when you run a program in Windows 10.

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Any of these arrangements should work for you!

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