Update Graphics Drivers on Windows 10

How To Update Graphics Drivers on Windows 10

Windows 10 provides lots of beneficial services to its users. And updating graphics drivers is one of them. But there are users who are unaware of getting the job done all by themselves. If you are one of such individuals, there’s nothing to worry about at all.

In this article, I present a whole procedure about How To Update Graphics Drivers on Windows 10. I’ll try to keep things as simple as possible. And you’ll encounter a couple of methods to complete the same task. I’m delivering you such options, so you can pick one according to your skills.


3 Ways to Update Graphics Drivers on Windows 10

Use a Third-Party Utility

Update Graphics Drivers

If you don’t like risk any things all with ease, then you can get a driver updater tool for Windows 10. Most of which you’ll find quite expensive as well. But is you are trying to get the job done for free, then you can use DriverPack Solution. This software detects all the missing drivers and even allows you to update them from time-to-time.

Access Device Manager

Update Graphics Drivers on Windows 10

  • Press Windows + S keys to open the Cortana search.
  • Type Device Manager in the search bar and click on the Open button.
  • Locate and expand Display Adapters.
  • Right-click on the name of your graphics card and select Update driver
  • From the next tab, click on Search automatically for updated driver software
  • Now wait for a while and let your computer process in peace.
  • After you get an update notification, allow your OS to install it.
  • Thereafter, restart your PC.

Update Drivers Manually

This may sound a little tricky, but it is possible for you to Update Graphics Drivers on Windows 10 manually. For that, you need to acknowledge who is the manufacturer of your graphics card. You can do that by navigating into the Device Manager. And once you’ve got the manufacturer’s name, just visit their website to download the perspective graphics drivers.

For instance, most of the Windows PC & Laptops have Intel or Nvidia graphics cards. So if that’s the case, they can visit either Intel or Nividia’s portal to download & install the graphics drivers all by themselves. Hopefully, your manufacturer wouldn’t charge you for such utilities.

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