Winamp Not Working in Windows 10

Fix: Winamp Not Working in Windows 10

Somethings are evergreen, users prefer using the old utilities like Winamp to listen to their desired audio files. Well, one main point of using such utilities is that they don’t consume lots of your system’s processing. Because these media players are designed to work on slower devices. So when you run them on a faster device, their processing level is high-end.

But as they are old utilities, they may start to work laggy. For instance, many of the Windows 10 users have reported that Winamp keeps freezing or stops working appropriately. So for such users, I’ve drafted a guide to Fix Winamp Not Working in Windows 10. To tell you the truth, there are several workarounds that help you remove this critical error.


5 Ways to Fix Winamp Not Working in Windows 10

Remove Malware

One way to Fix Winamp Not Working in Windows 10 is by scanning your computer for malware. You can use anti-virus software to get the job done. Lots of free programs are present in the market, you can use any of them. Some of the perspective software are Malwarebytes, Kaspersky, AVG, Norton, etc.

Open Supported File Formats

Sometimes a user tries to open files that are not supported by Winamp. You should check if that’s not the case. But for that, a user should acknowledge that kinds of files are supported by this music player. The supported audio formats areĀ MP3, WMA, RealAudio, Vorbis, Musepack, AAC, AC-3, APE, FLAC, and ALAC.

Get the .Net Framework

Winamp Not Working in Windows 10

If you are a Windows 10 user who likes to install several third-party apps, then .Net Framework recommended for you. In some devices, such a utility is installed, but it’s not up-to-date. First, check if that’s not the case by visiting the Microsoft’s official website. If you encounter any recommendations, just allow your operating system to download & install the perspective programs.

Run Winamp with an Administrative Account

  • At first, right-click on Winamp’s icon and select Properties
  • Navigate to the Compatibility tab.
  • Select the Run this program as an administrator checkbox.
  • Hit the Ok button.

After implying the above-provided methods, you should open the Winamp’s folder that contains the app’s installation files. Such a folder is located in C:\Program Files. Once you are inside the folder, create a backup of its plugins and then delete all of them from the folder. Afterward, restart your computer and re-add those plugins.

Reinstall Winamp

Fix Winamp Not Working in Windows 10

  • Press the Win + I keys to launch Windows 10 Settings.
  • Navigate to Apps
  • Under Apps & features, use the search bar to locate Winamp
  • Select the utility and click on Uninstall
  • Close the settings tab and reinstall Winamp.

That’s all, keep visiting WindowsBoy for more.

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