Microsoft Is Now Pushing Drivers As Optional Updates

Microsoft Is Now Pushing Drivers As Optional Updates – Windows 10

In the new update of Windows 10 Build 18980, Most of you guys know as Windows 10 version 2004. Microsoft is now pushing drivers as an optional update.


This means that from now own with every Windows update all of your drivers will not be touched. You can manually update your drivers from windows settings > Windows update.

Earlier this month Microsoft announced that “it is now easier for you to discover available Windows 10 feature updates, monthly non-security quality updates, and driver updates”

From the settings of your Windows 10 Build 18980, you can visit the optional updates feature. These optional updates are those updates that are not important for the windows.

Without installing these updates you Windows 10 operating system will work perfectly. However, these updates may come handy in the future.

These updates are used to enhance the performance of some of the features that are available in Windows 10. Or these driver updates may add some extra options to the feature.

Optional updates may include device drives, extra packages for Microsoft’s software like Office, and hardware. One of the most common examples is printer drivers that are no longer part of Windows 10.

When your PC or laptop detects any optional updates, they will be displayed on a new page. you can visit the page by following, Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > View optional updates.

Microsoft Is Now Pushing Drivers As Optional Updates

This means that you no longer need to utilize Device Manager to search for updated drivers for specific devices.

Microsoft Is Now Pushing Drivers As Optional Updates

Disclaimer: Windows will automatically continue to keep your PC or Laptop drivers updated. If you do not wish to use automatic update then you can also disable automatic drivers update.

However, installing optional drivers may help if you are experiencing any kind of issue.

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