Enable Dark Mode on Reddit

How to Enable Dark Mode on Reddit (Web & App)

This tutorial guide the user on how to enable Dark Mode on Reddit. We like to start the tutorial with an introduction to Reddit. After explaining the Platform we prepared 2 guides. One for enabling the Dark Mode in Reddit app on the website. The second one guides how to enable the Dark Mode on Reddit in the Android App.

Few Lines on Reddit

Reddit is among the 5 most used social media platforms in the world. A platform where people share pictures, videos, GIFs, Stories, and other files. Not just an entertainment Reddit is a proper business hub. Here people promote their Goods and Services. It was developed by the Reddit was founded by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian in 2005. The founders are the University of Virginia roommates. They started from a small hub and the rest is history. Today, the Reddit is among the 20 most accessed websites in the world.

Enable Dark Mode on RedditThe way of using Reddit is joining the communities also know as SubReddits. Your home feed will appear according to the communities you have joined.

Interesting Facts

Late Aaron Swartz was one of the co-founders of Reddit. He commits Suicide in 2013 by hanging himself. No one knows the actual reason behind his death until now. Penalties and Punishment by the court seem to be the reason for his suicide. He was involved in the development of web feed format RSS in Reddit.

Steve Huffman is the current CEO of the giant Reddit. He acquired the designation in 2015 and the tenure is not over yet. He is one of the founders of Reddit and also the mastermind.

Alexis Ohanian is the second founder of Reddit. He was involved in the major investments that are required to make Reddit and to make it the giant Reddit. He is married to a famous woman Tennis Player Serena Williams.

Why Dark Mode is important?

Dark Mode feature is the major blow in the online world in recent times. Almost all the trendsetter social media platforms and communication moguls like WhatsApp have included the dark mode in it. Different technology makers and innovators have different perceptions of dark Mode, for example.

  • Apple says that dark mode “makes it easier to stay focused on your work.”
  • Microsoft says dark mode can “reduce eye strain and improve battery life.”
  • Google says it “improves visibility for users with low vision and those who are sensitive to bright light

Reddit also includes the Dark mode on their web portal as well as Mobile Apps too. Here’s how you can enable Dark Mode on Reddit.

Enable Dark Mode on Reddit Web

Step 1: Launch the browser on your computer Browser, we recommend Google Chrome.

Step 2: Visit the Reddit.com and log in with your existing Reddit Account.

Step 3: Click on your Profile Name at the top left corner of the Reddit Website.

Enable Dark Mode on Reddit

Step 4: Toggle the Switch present with Dark Mode to enable the Darkmode, As shown in the screenshot.

That’s how you can use the Dark Mode on Reddit. Any questions related to Reddit or its feature? Directly ask us through the comment box below. Our boy will try to reply as soon as possible.


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