How To Mute a Tab in Google Chrome

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Using Chrome is beneficial for every internet user. Because it contains facilities that are not available in other web browsers. You are allowed to sync all your personal bookmarks, passwords, history, etc. And even export the same data from one device to another.

When there are lots of great features, most of the users are unable to access them. Because they don’t know how to enable them. For instance, many users don’t know How To Mute a Tab in Google Chrome. That’s why I’ve decided to provide several methods to complete the task conveniently.


2 Ways to Mute a Tab in Google Chrome

Mute Site

disable audio of individual tabs in Chrome

  • Open Chrome web browser.
  • Launch the tabs that you would like to access without audio.
  • Right-click on a tab that you would like to mute.
  • From the drop-down menu, click on Mute Site
  • No need to relaunch Chrome, you can start to enjoy the peaceful environment.

Note: If you are willing to unmute the same tab in the future, then you need to imply the same steps. But rather than clicking on Mute Site, you’ll have to click on the Unmute site option.

Use Mute Tab

Mute a Tab in Google Chrome

  • Click here to visit Chrome Web Store to install Mute Tab.
  • Hit the Add to Chrome button.
  • Select Add extension
  • Wait for several seconds.
  • Afterward, use the extension’s services to mute a tab in Google Chrome.

There are also other tabs that provide same services as Mute Tab. But not all of them are reliable and provide services as this one. You can acknowledge that fact by looking into the reviews and the number of installs. It is now trusted by more than a hundred thousand Chrome users. So it’s better to use a trending product, rather than try something lame.

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