Bluetooth Connection Error In Windows 10 2004 users

Windows 10 2004 has some Bluetooth issues. It is not new to hear about this but recently some users have reported that there Windows 10 2004 is not connecting to Bluetooth.

This issue may be caused by hardware malfunction or even some software bugs.

In Windows 10 2004 Microsoft has added amazing security features. However, some bugs are still affecting many users.

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Bluetooth Connection Error

Bluetooth Connection Error is one of the oldest error in Windows 10 version 2004. This error has appeared many times from the day Windows 10 version 2004 was released for public use.

Bluetooth Connection Error In Windows 10

The error that pops in from of the users is ” Bluetooth is disconnected”

Many users may think this might be caused by faulty hardware.

Users have also reported that they even plugged in an external Bluetooth dongle to connect to Bluetooth on their Windows 10 version 2004 device.

However, this didn’t work either. The hardware just couldn’t connect to any Bluetooth hardware, including earphones or speakers.

However, If you somehow connect to the Bluetooth then you may not be able to disconnect your Bluetooth device.

Note: Microsoft is still investigating the incompatibility of Realtek Bluetooth radios and the new OS to date.

Bluetooth Connection Error In Windows 10 2004 Solution

Till now this is no official solution for this error. No user or professional has found a workaround for this error.

Microsoft has said in their tweet that they are working on this error and will provide the solution in a future update.

Users who are facing this issue have to wait for the new Windows update to solve this error. If we find any solution to this Bluetooth connection error then we will post it here. Make sure you bookmark this page so you can get the latest updates on this matter.

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