The media could not be loaded in Chrome

Fix: The media could not be loaded in Chrome

Live streaming videos is the favorite hobby of millions of users. Many among us just love to watch series & movies over the internet because they’ve got unlimited bandwidth. Nowadays, very few amounts of users download media content because they know that their internet speed is good enough to live stream a video.

Some of the users have complained about The media could not be loaded error. This issue is caused mostly because your web browser tells you that the format you are trying to access, it’s not supported. So here, I’ve decided to help you Fix the media could not be loaded in Chrome.


3 Ways to Fix the media could not be loaded in Chrome

Update Google Chrome

the media could not be loaded in Chrome

  • Launch Google Chrome
  • Click once on the three-dotted icon
  • Hit Settings
  • Select About Chrome
  • Allow it to check for updates
  • If there’s one, let it update
  • Relaunch Chrome

Turn Off Adblock

  • Visit the website that’s giving you the media could not be loaded error.
  • Navigate to the extensions bar
  • Click once on your Adblock extension
  • Select Pause on this site
  • Refresh the webpage

Try Another Web Browser

If none of the above-provided methods are working for you, then there’s a chance that your web browser is not working appropriately. In that matter, you need to try using another web browser. And if it works for you, then keep using the browser until a Chrome update hits the market.

There are lots of good working web browsers in the market. You just have to discover what sort of things you like to perform while surfing the internet. Some honorable mentions are listed below:

  1. Firefox (good for privacy)
  2. Edge (mostly same as Chrome)
  3. Opera (better for social media & live streaming videos)

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