How to Fix Windows Update error 0xc0020036 on Windows 10

While updating Windows, if you get error code 0xc0020036 in Windows 10, this article will help you. There are several things that need to be implemented so that users can download and install updates as they become available. In this article, we will discuss the cause and solutions so that you can continue using Windows Update Service in the normal way.

Why does Windows update error 0xc0020036 occur?

There are mainly three reasons why a Windows 10 user might see this error message on their computer. They are-

Windows Update files are corrupted – some files are required by the operating system to download and install an update. However, if these files get corrupted due to malware attack, adware installation, etc. then there is a chance of getting this error.

The services required by Windows Update are corrupt or incorrectly configured. Like these files, some services run in the background to provide normal operations. If any of these services are stopped or configured incorrectly, you may receive this error message.

The product license key is incorrect or damaged. Error code 0xc0020036 can also appear for license key corruption.

Whatever the reason why you are getting such an error message, you may be able to resolve it by following these solutions.

Windows update error 0xc0020036

To fix Windows update error 0xc0020036 in Windows 10, follow these steps. But before you start, make sure your Windows 10 is updated to the latest version. Let’s take a look at these solutions in detail.

Reset Windows Update components

As the name suggests, these components are responsible for making Windows Update easier for users. However, sometimes certain problems can arise. Therefore, it is better to reset Windows Update components so that you can restore factory settings. It doesn’t matter if you or malware changed an internal file or configuration, you can restore it to the original. That said, you need to follow our step-by-step guide on resetting the Windows Update component to its default values.

Run DISM to fix Windows Update system files


The Deployment Image Servicing and Management Tool or DISM can help you repair corrupt Windows Update system files. Since this is a preinstalled command-line tool, you do not need to install it for this purpose. That said, you need to follow our in-depth tutorial to repair corrupt Windows Update system files using the DISM tool.

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Check the status of all Windows update services

There are three services that you should check out when you get an error code 0xc0020036. They are –

  • Windows Update,
  • DCOM server process launcher and
  • RPC Endpoint Mapper.

The first is directly related to Windows Update and the last two services are dependencies.

In addition to the direct service, you need to check for the dependencies of the Windows Update service and make sure they are running or not.

To get started, search for “services” in the search field on the taskbar and click on the search result. After opening the Services window, learn about Windows Update, DCOM Server Process Launcher, and RPC Endpoint Mapper. Check whether they work or not.


Otherwise, you have to start these services one at a time.

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