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How to Fix Computer Monitor has a Yellow tint on screen

by Mohsin Raza
Yellow tint on screen

If your monitor or laptop screen suddenly appears yellow or the usual color, there could be several reasons for this. This could be due to an incorrectly configured color profile or a third-party application, which could have changed color. In this article, we will suggest several solutions that can help you correct if your monitor has a yellow tint on the screen.

The monitor has a yellow tint on the screen.

Some of these settings are available in the Windows operating system, while others require administrator permission to resolve the issue. But one thing is for sure: fix this problem effectively unless the problem is hardware-specific.

Please note that if this does not resolve the issue, you can contact Monitor customer service and replace it if possible.

Check the night light settings

Windows 10 offers the night light function, which ensures that the strain on the eyes is reduced during prolonged use. The night light function changes the color of the screen and if it has turned yellow, that’s what happens. It would be better to turn off the pilot.

Night Light

  1. Open Windows settings (Win + I)
  2. Type Night Light in the search box and click on it when it appears in the result
  3. Click the Stop button to turn it off.

Check if a third party application is a cause

Third-party apps like Flu.x, Get Night Light, and others can also change the color of the screen or monitor. You will need to change the software color settings or turn everything off to remove the yellow tint.

Check the color calibration settings

calibration settings

The Windows Color Calibration feature helps you make sure that the screen produces colors as accurately as possible.

  1. Click the Start button to open the menu, then type Calibrate.
  2. Then follow the onboard instructions to get the exact color you want on the screen.
  3. During the process, you will be able to add additional colors and you will need to adjust the slider to remove the hue.
  4. That done, the yellow tint should no longer be there.

Restore default screen color settings

The screen color can be changed in several ways. It includes graphics settings, GPU software like Nvidia color settings, and color management. Follow the full guide to correct color display settings. You can configure the ICC rendering intent in the WSD gamut mapping for photographic images, line art, simulation paper, tables, and graphics.

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Update the graphics driver

The last thing on the list is to update the graphics driver to the latest version or roll back if the issue happened after updating the driver. It is better to use third-party software like Double Driver, the IObit Driver Booster hat can manage updates because they can find the driver unavailable with Windows. You can also find the driver download, that is, the official OEM website, to resolve the dye problem.

Once done, make sure the software or driver panel is configured to detect automatic updates, but not to install them without your consent. Make sure to check if the driver version has problems with Windows; if so, please don’t install it unless it is solved. If you accidentally install it, the software we suggested above should help you get back.

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