Fix Corrupted Icons in Windows 10

Fix Corrupted Icons in Windows 10

Many users have complained about “Corrupted icons and shortcuts in Windows 10”. Such an error can be bypassed easily, but only if you know the proper fixes to get the job done. So here, I present to you a fully tested guide of How To Fix Corrupted Icons in Windows 10. I’ll try to be discrete while presenting several methods to complete the task in Windows 10 & Windows 7.


4 Ways To Fix Corrupted Icons in Windows 10

Reset Windows Explorer

Corrupted icons and shortcuts in Windows 10

  • Right-click on your taskbar and select Task Manager
  • Locate and select Windows Explorer
  • Once selected, click on the Restart button.

Clear icons’ cache file

Corrupted icons and shortcuts in Windows 10

  • Launch Windows Explorer
  • Select the View tab from the file bar.
  • Now check the Hidden items checkbox.
  • Navigate to the following folder:
    • C:\Users\name\AppData\Local (C driver is where my Windows is installed and you should replace the name with your original username).
  • Right-click on the Icon cache file and select Delete
  • Now open the recycle bin and empty it as well.
  • Reboot your PC.

Create a .bat file

Fix Corrupted Icons in Windows 7

  • Launch Notepad from the search bar.
  • Paste the following code in the Notepad:
    • taskkill /F /IM explorer.exe
    • cd /d %userprofile%AppDataLocal
    • attrib –h IconCache.db
    • del IconCache.db
    • start explorer.exe
  • Press Ctrl + S button.
  • Name your file as Iconfile.bat
  • Select the file location as your documents or downloads folder.
  • Now close Notepad.
  • Open the saved Iconfile.bat from where you saved it.

Use Windows PowerShell

Fix Corrupted Icons in Windows 10

  • Press the Windows + X button.
  • Select Windows PowerShell (Admin) from the appearing menu.
  • Execute the following commands one-by-one:
    • cd /d %userprofile%AppDataLocaldel IconCache.db
    • start explorer.exe
    • attrib –h IconCache.db
    • taskkill /F /IM explorer.exe

If none of the above-provided methods are beneficial to you, then you should consider using software to complete the task. There are tons of cache clearing programs available in the market. I’m telling you to do this because the corrupted icons & shortcuts error in Windows 10 & 7 is caused due to trouble in cache memory.

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