Download Microsoft Edge For Windows 7/8/10, MacOS 10.14/10.15, Android 9/10 and IOS 12/13

Internet Explorer was once considered to be the hot cake. Because there were very few browsers at that time. With the passage of time, we got Mozilla, Google, Opera, etc which were faster than explorers. The Internet Explorer was near to end when it was only used for downloading Google Chrome on a new Laptop. Then Microsoft brought the major development and took th browsing and searching game to another level. Now Microsoft Edge is one of the fastest browsers in the world.

Few words on Microsoft Edge:

Even Microsoft arrived with its best-developed browser> Still, it turns out to be a failure, Because, it was too late, meanwhile Google Chrome grabbed the most number of internet users around the world. As you know Bill Gates never gives up! So the Microsoft keep improving their Browser. They came with the whole new chromium-based browser. The name of the browser is still the same “Microsoft Edge”.

Key Features:

Microsoft Edge is not so bad infact it has got many useful features.  Edge developers have paid respect to their rivalry with Google Chrome. That’s why they don’t allow any second service like the Google Chrome Synchronisation with Cloud, Chrome cleanup, Google Now, Chrome OS. They have changed the option like you can synchronize Microsoft Edge with OneDrive that’s their own product. Why Microsoft is giving Chinese vibes to us! The standard account for Login is the Microsoft Account.

  • Support for Narrator, high contrast, and caret browsing.
  • Reading view
  • Grammar Tools
  • Translation
  • AAD Sign-in (Sign in with your Microsoft ID (, Hotmail or even Work/school account)
  • Windows Defender SmartScreen filter instead of Chrome Cleanup.
  • The first look of the browser was sleek and fast.
  • It definitely seems to have a faster loading time than Google Chrome.

Download Microsoft Edge for your Device:

Microsoft Edge has designed its browser for almost all popular operating systems. You can get Microsoft Edge for Android, Windows, iOS, macOS, Linux, etc. You can get the links to all these versions for installing Microsoft edge on your computer, smartphone, tablet, or TV.

If any wants browser in another language, click on this link (URL).

For all other Operating Systems including Windows 8 and 8.1, you can visit this link.

Edge beta, dev and canary Download:


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