How to use Recovery Drive to restore Windows 10

How to use Recovery Drive to restore Windows 10

Essentially, a recovery drive stores a copy of your Windows 10 environment without your personal files and desktop apps on another source, like a DVD or USB drive. So, in case your Windows 10 goes south, you can restore it from this drive. In this article, we will illustrate how you can use a recovery drive to restore a Windows 10 computer.

Use Recovery Drive to restore Windows 10

Previously, you created a recovery drive for your Windows 10 PC and at one point your Windows 10 installation is so damaged that it cannot be loaded or repaired, you can follow the 7 step process in the order described below to restore Install Windows 10 successfully using a USB drive or recovery DVD.

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Let’s take a look at the short description as it refers to each of the steps.

1] Start the PC using Recovery Drive

Insert your recovery USB drive or DVD into your computer. At startup, press the appropriate key to boot from the USB or DVD drive instead of your hard drive.

2] Select a Language

At the keyboard layout screen, select the keyboard for your language or country. Press Enter.

3] Recover From a Drive

In this step, click Recover from the drive to tell the computer to take the version of Windows on your drive. As a reminder, this means that all your files and applications will be deleted after reinstalling the operating system.

4] Remove Files

In this step, you have the option to delete only the files or completely erase the operating system, if you plan to recycle the computer. As you intend to keep this machine, click on Delete my files.

5] Recover Windows

The last step is to click on Recover. The computer will warn you once again that all personal files will be deleted and that applications not supplied with the operating system will be deleted. In addition, if you have partitioned your hard drive, it will restore it to its original state, which means that you will have to reconfigure the partition.

6] Finalize recovery

In this penultimate step, Windows will show that you are recovering your PC. Once complete, Windows 10 is officially reinstalled.

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