Useful Features In Windows 10 Build 20161

Useful Features In Windows 10 Build 20161-Update

Build 20161 comes with a lot of amazing features for you. With many customizations that you can perform on your Windows 10 PC.

Build 20161 comes with a new design of the Start menu and improved Taskbar customization. Besides, it allows us to sample a fresh notification experience and Settings enhancements.

Without taking any more time here are some of the Useful Features In Windows 10 Build 20161.

Useful Features In Windows 10 Build 20161

Facelifted Start Menu

We have waited for a long time to see this update. Microsoft was testing various versions of the UI component and we were expecting to receive a Windows 10 preview build update with a redesigned Start menu.

The interface gives a perfect foundation to Microsoft’s Fluent Design icons for Office applications and Microsoft Edge.

Moreover, this design also sits perfectly with the light and dark theme of Windows 10.

Useful Features In Windows 10 Build 20161

Alt + Tab

Alt + Tab now shows all tabs open in Edge. In this update, Microsoft Edge received a productivity upgrade that changes the way Alt + Tab works.

If we press Alt + Tab then the Windows will display only the active browser tab along with any other open app on windows. If you have multiple tabs open then you have to use the mouse and select the tab. This feature only works with the currently open tap.

Useful Features In Windows 10 Build 20161

Programmable Taskbar

In the previous Windows updates, the taskbar was never customizable. But now due to huge demand, the Microsoft team has introduced this feature in Windows 10 build 20161.

The goal is to eventually give you a personalized Taskbar experience based on your feedback and device signal. Personally, I feel that this Taskbar feature is probably AI-powered. Microsoft doesn’t state this anywhere but still, it is a hunch that I am getting.

Notification Improvements

In this update, each notification will now be attached by an easy-to-spot application logo that indicates its source. In addition, The close button is on the top right corner that lets you quickly dismiss the popup notification.

Settings Improvements

Some Control Panel functions are coming to the Settings page.

The Windows 10 preview build 20161 brings an improvement that directly gets you to the system configurations page.

Microsoft is moving any information available on the System page of the Control Panel to the About page under Settings.

Moreover, you can now copy your PC’s specs info by going to SettingsSystem > About > Copy.

Useful Features In Windows 10 Build 20161

6. Convertible device experience update

If you’re a 2-in-one laptop user, then build 20161 makes it quicker to switch to tablet mode after detaching the keyboard. You got a notification bubble asking whether you wanted to go into tablet mode if you tried that previously.

To use the device as a tablet, you said yes. Choosing no, on the other hand, launched the tablet posture experience that Windows 10 version 2004 introduced recently.

But, from now on, you’ll no longer have to deal with the notification toast when shifting from laptop to tablet mode.

These are the major Windows 10 build 20161 features that are currently subject to beta tests. But soon this will we available for all of the general public.

Useful Features In Windows 10 Build 20161

Hope so this guide was helpful, We are grateful for the trust you have placed in us.

Regards: Team Windows Boy.

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