New Microsoft Word AI Functionality And Reminds

New Microsoft Word AI Functionality And Reminds

The new Microsoft AI has already been introduced in maximum products from the company, including Office 365 applications.

Microsoft Word For Windows is now getting an update with Microsoft AI that can remind you to save any unsaved documents. (Smart Save Reminder)

For now, this feature is being added but in the coming time more and more features will be introduced that you can use with the help of AI.

Microsoft Word and Outlook are common instances of applications that consolidate AI to assist clients with composing impeccable language structure and spellings.

These features are accessible to Office 365 clients, however, another AI improvement is coming to MS Word for Windows soon.

New Microsoft Word AI Functionality And Reminds

New Microsoft Word AI Functionality And Reminds

Microsoft Word has introduced a new AI in the Microsoft Word For PC application. This new AI will remind you to save your new documents. This feature should help you to avoid losing any unsaved work, on which you have spent your time in typing.

Smart save reminders will be popping up below the save button while you’re working on an unsaved Word doc. Microsoft says that the new feature uses machine learning to figure out the probability of the writer saving a specific file.

The AI agent collects data on the amount of time you’ve spent working on your doc. Also, it tracks the volume of content added. This information helps it determine when to remind you to save the document.

So, while you’re working on an unsaved doc, you may encounter the Save this file prompt. The popup notifies you that you haven’t saved your file, and offers you the Save and Not now options.

The feature hasn’t reached general availability yet. Currently, only Beta Channel Office users can test it.

Smart save reminders in Microsoft Word are a welcome improvement, but they’re no replacement for AutoSave.

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