How To Run A Program Without Admin Permission

How To Run A Program Without Admin Permission On Windows 10

How To Run A Program Without Admin Permission

Sometimes you are using someone’s PC (With their permission of course) and you are not the administrator.

Then there are many limitations for you. Because there are some programs that need Admin Permission to run.

This means that if you are signed in utilizing a sub-account, you are essentially restricted in what you can do.

For instance, a security program or program that manages Windows features that triggers a UAC prompt may not launch at all if you deny it

If you utilize a program like RunWithRestrictedRights. Then don’t worry you can use Admin Privileges while utilizing a sub-account.

How To Run A Program Without Admin Permission

What Is the RunWithRestrictedRights Program?

RunWithRestrictedRights is basically an order line instrument/tool that utilizes the Windows Integrity Mechanism to limit consents for different applications. This makes it with the goal that they don’t hurt your PC.

With the purpose of using the RunWithRestrictedRights program, you will need to modify some settings. Here is the list of things that you need to change.

  1. Adjust memory quotas for a process.
  2. Replace a process level token.

Use this Microsoft fully detailed document/Article to learn about Replace a process level token.

How To Use The RunWithRestrictedRights Program?

Here is the method to use the RunWithRestrictedRights program.

  1. Start the command prompt with Administrator rights, and type in the accompanying command line.
  2. C:RunWithRestrictedRights.exe “application”
  3. You need to specifically know where RunWithRestrictedRights.exe is located.
  4. Replace “application” with the name of whatever program you want to launch

By following the above-mentioned steps, the application should open with limited rights and more importantly, without any UAC.

Hope so this guide was helpful, We are grateful for the trust you have placed in us.

Regards: Team Windows Boy.

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