Windows Feature Experience Pack in Windows 10

If you’re a long-time Windows user, especially in the days of Windows XP and Windows 7, the name Windows Experience Pack may sound familiar. Announced in 2010, it allowed you to create a theme, apply a static image to Live Messenger, etc. It was about customizing the user interface. So why are we talking about it now? The functionality or the product returns to Windows 10, but in a different way. In this article, we are going to try to explain what Windows Feature Pack is in Windows 10.

Listed as essential for Windows functionality, the package became available from Windows 10 v2004 on the Microsoft Store. However, it is in its infancy. And although you can download it in an earlier version of Windows, it doesn’t show anything. We reported on this in December when the Windows 10 development teams split into the Core OS and Shell Experience team.

Windows 10 Feature Experience Pack

Right now, the UI update and the main update go hand in hand. However, now that the team is divided, additional changes to the user interface can be implemented with the Windows 10 Feature Experience Pack. It is listed as an on-demand feature for Windows 10 and Windows Server with IE 11, Notepad, Paint, PowerShell, Print Management Console, etc. It can be easily seen in the Abut section of the computer, which was updated around 2004.

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Although Microsoft has not clarified anything about this, its appearance will be a way to implement an update for parts of the user interface. As it is a package, we should see more applications and features available. For example, it may be possible to choose not to install certain basic functions such as Xbox and the Xbox game bar because I don’t use it at all. Similarly, other features that are not used by consumers, such as the capture tool, can be ignored. Another crazy idea is a customizable shell for the main operating system, depending on the device and the consumers.

They will be compatible with the list of available on-demand features listed by Microsoft. Notes, Paint, PowerShell, Steps Recorder are now part of the Windows Feature Experience package. They come pre-installed in Windows 10 2004, but what they say is that Windows will become more customizable and the functionality will no longer be forced. If you like an app that has always been at the heart of the operating system, you can remove it.

Microsoft has also listed FODs that are not pre-installed. Includes accessibility, developer mode, graphics tools, IrDA, Microsoft WebDriver, network tools, etc.

We should learn more about the Windows Feature Experience Pack this year as more packages appear in the app. Whether the feature will stick or whether Microsoft will stick to two updates each year, which could be overwhelming for many, we’ll know in time.

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