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Static Noise In Windows 10 – Quick & Easy Fix

by Hassan Naqvi
Static Noise In Windows 10

Static sounds can easily ruin your mood. While you are listening to light music or watching a video.

In this Guide, I am going to explain a few methods that you can use to solve Static Noise In Windows 10 issue completely.


How Can I Fix Static Noises In Windows 10

Here are some solutions that you can use.

Solution 1: Update sound drivers

Sound drivers are the most important drivers and are need to be updated whenever a new driver is launched.

Just like visual input to our brain to process something Sound input is also important.

Open Device Manager, find your sound device and go to Update driver. To make sure all your sound drivers are updated.

Static Noise In Windows 10

Solution 2: Try External Speakers

There is a possibility that the issue is not caused by some faulty software. It might be the issue in your Speakers.

Try using external speakers just to make sure where the problem lies.

Static Noise In Windows 10

Solution 3: Change CPU Fan Or Power Supply

There might be a hardware issue that could cause static or buzzing sounds.

This issue occurs when our PC or Laptop heats up and temperature increases.

This is a rare chance but in summer (or when the outside temperature is high)  some people have noticed static and buzzing sounds from their PC.

Static Noise In Windows 10

Solution 4: Disable Sound Effects

  • Open Control Panel from here select Sound.

Static Noise In Windows 10

  • Go to Speakers and select Properties
  • Now click  Enhancements.
  • Disable All Sound Enhancements.
  • Tap Apply.

Static Noise In Windows 10

Solution 5: Change Audio Format

Changing the audio format to 24 bits can also fix this issue. If the problem endures, then try using a different audio format.

  1. Open Control Panel select Sound.
  2. Go to Playback and select Speakers.
  3. Open Advanced then click Default Format
  4. Change the format.
  5. Click Save to save your settings.

Static Noise In Windows 10

Solution 6: Run The Audio Troubleshooter

  1. Go to Settings select Update & Security.
  2. Click Troubleshoot on the left side of the screen.
  3. Select and launch the troubleshooter.

Lunching the troubleshoot san quickly find the problem. Moreover, you can also repair the Issue.

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