Fix Cannot create new Storage Space, Error (0x00000057), The parameter is incorrect

Windows Storage is a feature in Windows 10 that lets you back up files in the event of a disk failure. However, if you have a problem with the message “Error (0x00000057): the parameter is incorrect with the storage space“, in this post we will share a solution for that. The bug appeared in the Windows 10 2004 update and is a known bug that has been recognized as a bug by the Microsoft team.

Unable to create new storage space, error (0x00000057), parameter is incorrect

The error occurs when a user tries to create new storage space in an existing group or when he creates a new group so that he can keep additional copies. The full error message looks like this:

The GUI to manage storage space in Windows 10 version 2004 fails when creating a storage group with another error “Drives cannot be prepared: the setting is incorrect”.

The same error was also reported on the Reddit forum. The user shared his experience, where he noticed that the content of some files was corrupted. This happened after upgrading to Windows 10 2004. When the CDKDSK tool was used, it reported more problems with a resulting message saying.

  • The entry in the attribute list with type code 80 in file 5E711 is corrupt
  • The log segment of file 67C08 is orphaned.

There are a few solutions that may not seem very good, but this is the solution for now.

1] Restore from a previous backup

The best method is to restore from a week or day before the update to the Windows 10 feature update. It will ensure that there is no inconsistency between the files. Always be sure to run the CHKDSK tool to check for inconsistencies.

It is also recommended that you lock the parity reader in read-only mode at this time. If you restore your images to your parity drive, this will likely continue to introduce more corruption as you make changes.

2] Run the CHKDSK tool

The CHKDSK tool checks the file system and file system metadata for a volume of logical and physical errors. So, once you run it, the file system will be consistent again, but you will have to manually check whether the data after checking is incorrect or not.

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How to Create a New Storage Space with PowerShell

Windows PowerShell offers cmdlets that can create new storage space. Therefore, until the interface is repaired, you can follow this method. As a warning, you must have a clear understanding of what you are doing here and execute the commands correctly. Since we will not delete anything, the existing storage space is safe. These are the three things you need to use the commands.

  • Storage pool name
  • Discs to use to create the group
  • Storage subsystem or storage spaces

Here is the script you can run in PowerShell. The first line uses the ** Get-PhysicalDisk ** cmdlet to get all the PhysicalDisk objects that are not yet in a (specific) storage group and maps the array of objects to the $ PhysicalDisks variable. The second line creates a new storage group using the $ PhysicalDisks variable to specify the disks to include from the WindowsStorage subsystem.

$PhysicalDisks = (Get-PhysicalDisk -CanPool $True)
New-StoragePool -FriendlyName CompanyData -StorageSubsystemFriendlyName "Windows Storage*" -PhysicalDisks $PhysicalDisks

You will need to start PowerShell with administrator authorization and an administrator account to run the commands.

So, until you continue to face the problem and Microsoft publishes a solution, use this command to create a new group. Also be sure to keep the backup read-only.

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