Can’t Remove Printer Error In Windows 10 – Fix

Printer’s problems are the most common errors that occur in Windows 10. Sometimes the only way to solve an issue relating printers is to remove the printer and reinstall it. But if you are unable to remove the printer in Windows 10 and an error is popping up then “Here in this article I have covered all the possibilities to remove the printer”.

Can’t Remove Printer Error In Windows 10 – Solutions

There are many ways to remove Printer Error In Windows 10. Here is a list of some solutions that you can use to remove this error.

Solution1: Cancel All Printer tasks

To remove the printer first we have to delete/cancel all the print tasks you have given to the printer. If the printer is working and printing some documents then it cant be removed.

Can’t Remove Printer Error In Windows 10

If the printer is not working at the moment then check the printer tasks there might be a task there which has been canceled or the printer is unable to perform. After removing all printing jobs you should be able to remove your printer without any problems.

Solution2: Remove Printer Using Print Management

You can use the Print Management tool to remove the printer from your,  PC running on Windows 10.

To remove a printer with the Print Management tool then follow the following steps.

  1. Press Windows Key + S and enter print management. Select Print Management from the menu.Can’t Remove Printer Error In Windows 10
  2. Once the Print Management window opens, go to Custom Filters and select “All Printers”.
  3. Locate the printer you want to remove, right-click it, and choose Delete from the menu.

Can’t Remove Printer Error In Windows 10

Solution3: Delete hidden printers from Device Manager

Maybe you have accidentally added a hidden device and that is why you cant delete your printer. Remove the hidden device and then try to remove the printer.

Press Windows Key + X to open Power User Menu. Select Device Manager from the list.

Can’t Remove Printer Error In Windows 10

When Device Manager opens, go to View and select Show hidden devices.

Can’t Remove Printer Error In Windows 10

Delete your printer from Print queues and Printers sections. Now restart your PC and the problem should have been solved.

Solution3: Update the printer drivers

If none of the previous solutions resolved the problem, then let’s try updating the printer driver to the latest version.

Here’s how you can update the drivers.

  1. Go to Search, and open the Device Manager.
  2. Expand Print queues, and select your printer.
  3. Right-click your printer and go to Update driver.
  4. Follow further instructions that are given on your PC screen to update the printer driver.
  5. Restart your computer once you have updated the drivers.

Update drivers automatically

If you don’t want the hassle of searching for drivers on your own, you can use the automatic update drivers tool. If you have the driver’s DVD or the drivers are stored on your computer this tool will automatically update it from there.

If you want to search the internet for the latest drivers then you have to be connected to the internet while using this tool. It will ask permission to search the web to look for drivers. Agree to the permissions and the tool will search the internet for the latest drivers.

That’s all thank you for your time.

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