How to Enable or Disable Link Doctor feature

Link Doctor is an inbuilt element of Microsoft Edge that endeavors to address the mistyped URLs. Along these lines, for instance, if you type bimg.com rather than bing.com, the Link Dictor can automatically fix it. The URL correction is offered only as a component of the message where the user can physically click on the recommended site link if that is by all accounts fit. Here is how it appears:

Link Doctor highlight in Microsoft Edge

While the element may look old, it is made accessible from version 83. Microsoft-Says:

Link doctor provides host correction and a search query to the users when they mistype a URL.

For instance, if a user mistypes “big as “bing”.com, Link Doctor will recommend “bing”.com as a correction and make a link to scan for “bing.com” on the off chance that the user is searching for something else.

Make Edge suggest similar sites when a website can’t be found

While the word ‘Link Doctor’ is used in docs.microsoft.com, it isn’t used in Edge settings; Instead, an option — Suggest similar sites when a website can’t be found is seen. At the point when a site doesn’t resolve by means of the DNS, then the web address will be sent to Microsoft to attempt to locate the correct webpage. While it might appear to be an old component, yet it was presented as a feature of Microsoft Edge version 83.


  • Open Microsoft Edge, and afterward click on the three-spot button to open the menu.
  • Quest for “Suggest similar sites” or explore to the Edge://settings/protection in the Edge address bar.
  • In the outcome toggle-on, the option Suggest comparable destinations when a site can’t be found.

All things considered, it is accessible in the Privacy section for a reason. If you don’t prefer to send the data to Microsoft, then its best to toggle off, if you now commit an error in the site address, you will get a different blunder message which will prescribe you to check the connection, Checking the intermediary, firewall, and DNS settings and Running Windows Network Diagnostics.

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By and large, it is a magnificent approach and a significant blunder message. Users who are not well informed enough will wind up investigating and confounded, seeing this message because everything else is by all accounts working. There is no denying that the data is given to the Microsoft server, so at last, it will be consumers’ decision if they need to keep Link Doctor Featyurer empowered or incapacitated in Microsoft Edge.

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