How To Fix 0xc00d5212 in Windows Media Player

The error 0xc00d5212 can be frustrating for users who want to watch AVI files on WMP (Windows Media Player). Because such video coders are not installed in the media player by default. Also, such file formats are not much in demand, so every media player has focused on supporting file types like Mp4, Flv, Mkv, and so on.

Still, there are some old-time saved videos that are in AVI. So if you have a video of such a format, I’m here to help you. I’ll tell you exactly what you can do about How To Fix 0xc00d5212 in Windows Media Player. Yes, I’ll be delivering several methods of getting this job done.


4 Ways to Fix 0xc00d5212 in Windows Media Player

Convert Avi to Mp4

0xc00d5212 in Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player always works well when your video files have Mp4 format. So if you are just trying to watch your favorite video that’s in Avi, then you can always convert it into Mp4. Just click here to visit the online video converter on your web browser. Upload the file you are trying to watch and then convert it to your desired file format.

Get K-lite Codec Pack

error 0xc00d5212

If you don’t want to convert your file into any other format, then getting K-lite Codec will also help you. First, you’ve to download the codec’s file from here and then install it on your device.  The missing codec files will be installed on your device and you’ll be allowed to watch AVI files.

Update the Display Drivers

0xc00d5212 in Windows Media Player

It is a possibility that your Windows display drivers are not up-to-date, and that’s the main cause of error 0xc00d5212. So it’s better to check them all. If you want, you can navigate to the device manager utility and update the display adapter drivers manually. If not, then just get a third-party software DriverPack solution.

Start Using WMP Alternative

Fix 0xc00d5212 in Windows Media Player

It’s better never to install the third-party software on your Windows PC when you have a built-in program for getting the job done. But if not, then you should try to locate the alternative product, because if it’s not working, you can’t rely on it for your whole life.

If you want a WMP alternative just because of error 0xc00d5212, then you should be getting a VLC media player. Because this product works perfectly and doesn’t ask you to install any extra codec files. Also, it’s pretty much lightweight, so you’ll like it a lot.

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