DISM source files could not be found

Fix: DISM source files could not be found

There can be a lot of issues on Windows 10. But the most irritating & frustrating are the ones when your troubleshooter starts to respond laggy. Because the troubleshooting is the only facility that helps you keeps going on, no matter what’s the nature of your problem.

Take an example of DISM source files could not be found error, this problem can put you into a lot of trouble. So here, I’ve decided to help my readers Fix DISM source files could not be found. I’ll try to keep my guide as simple as possible, but you should read the provided methods with full attention.


3 Ways to fix DISM source files could not be found

Use Windows PowerShell

DISM source files could not be found

  • Right-click on the start menu icon and select Windows PowerShell (Admin)
  • Execute the following commands one-by-one:
    • DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup
    • sfc /scannow
    • DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /AnalyzeComponentStore
    • sfc /scannow
  • Allow your PC to restart.

Use Windows Repair Tool

fix DISM source files could not be found

  • Click here to download Windows 10 creation tool.
  • After downloading the file, install it.
  • Now on the same web page of Microsoft’s website, click on Update now
  • Let your device complete the process in peace.


  • Press Windows + S keys to open the search bar.
  • Type cmd in the bar and select Run as administrator
  • Now run the following commands:
    • DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup
    • Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
    • sfc /scannow
  • Restart your computer.

Use a Pen Drive

  • Connect a pen drive on which you’ve mounted Windows 10.
  • Launch this pen drive in the file explorer.
  • Navigate to Sources, to check whether if one of the following files are available or not:
    • install.wim
    • install.esd
  • Now open the command prompt with admin rights.
  • Run the following commands depending upon the image file you found in your Sources folder.
    • Dism /Get-WimInfo /WimFile:C:sourcesinstall.wim
    • Dism /Get-WimInfo /WimFile:C:sourcesinstall.esd
  • You need to replace the letter C with the name of your USB or pen drive.
  • Remember the Index value provided to you at the end.
  • Execute the following command:
    • DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth /Source:WIM:X:sourcesinstall.wim:IndexNumber /LimitAccess
    • DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth /Source:ESD:X:sourcesinstall.esd:IndexNumber /LimitAccess
  • Reboot your computer.

Following changes needs to be made:

  • Replace X with the name of your pen drive.
  • Execute the command depending on your located mounted file (install.wim or install.esd).
  • Change the IndexNumber with the value you got after implying the first two commands.

That’s all, keep following WindowsBoy for more.

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