The product key you entered did not work

The product key you entered did not work, Error 0xC004F050

I was using the Windows Home form on my PC and intended to move up to Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise. In any case, when I used the key to initiate, it came back with a rather odd error saying, “The product key you entered did not work.” Along with this message, there was an extra error code 0xC004F050.

The product key you entered did not work, Error 0xC004F050

I was almost certain that the product key was okay, and for reasons unknown, Windows couldn’t remember it. While it settled for me rapidly, however here is the rundown of things to attempt.

Attempt every one of them, and see what works for you. If nothing works, you can generally connect with the Microsoft Support group.

1] Restart Windows 10 PC

It straight away worked for me because I understood that the key transformed; it was not reflecting. At the point when I visited Microsoft Store to purchase another key, it obviously showed that the key has been actuated. That caused me to understand that a basic restart can resolve this, and it did. When the reboot was finished, the Windows was initiated with the new key, and I could see Windows 10 Enterprise.

2] Check for the wrong key

If there is the smallest possibility that Windows Key isn’t right, it’s a smart thought to check for that. For the most part, the keys showed up on email, and the possibility of copying mistakenly is low, yet a check doesn’t take a lot of time. In the event that you have noted the someplace, and attempting to actuate using it, the key may not be right by letters in order.

3] Run Activation Troubleshooter


The Activation Troubleshooter appears just when there is an issue with initiation. So now that you have the error Go to Settings > Update and Security > Activation. Click on the Troubleshoot button. Windows will start searching for arrangements that can fix the issue. Peculiarly it did not work for me when I had the error, however, it values an attempt.

As indicated by Microsoft, the error happens now and again when the enactment servers get going, or if you have updated using an offer. In either case, when the connection is made to the server, the key will be actuated. If you would prefer not to pause, Windows 10 will naturally reactivate itself if you restart.

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I trust the post was anything but difficult to follow, and you had the option to determine this Windows 10 Activation error.

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