Audio Sandbox in Edge browser

How to enable Audio Sandbox in Edge browser

The most recent stable version of the Edge program permits administrators to configure certain program abilities by means of Administrative Templates. It incorporates new arrangements that IT administrators can use to enable or impair certain highlights. For instance, there’s another strategy that permits the Audio to run in a sandbox. Thus, we should perceive how to enable Audio Sandbox in the Edge program.

Sound Sandbox ability in Edge Browser is likewise planned to give undertakings adaptability to debilitate the sound sandbox if they use security programming arrangements that meddle with the sandbox.

Audio Sandbox in Edge browser

Enable Audio Sandbox in Edge program

If you enable this arrangement, the sound procedure will run sandboxed. Conversely, if you decide to cripple this approach, the sound procedure will run unsandboxed and the WebRTC sound handling module will run in the renderer procedure. This may leave users open to security dangers identified with running the sound subsystem unsandboxed. There are 2 different ways through which you can enable Audio Sandbox in the Edge program.

If you don’t configure this strategy, the default configuration for the sound sandbox will be used, which may differ depending on the stage.

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1] Enable Audio Sandbox through Registry Editor

  • Open Registry Editor. For this, press Win+R in combination to raise the Run discourse box. Type ‘regedit’ in the unfilled field of the container and press ‘Enter’.
  • At the point when the Registry Editor window opens, explore to the accompanying way address –
  • Search for the accompanying section in the right-sheet – AudioSandboxEnabled.
  • Double-tap on the key and enter the Value information as 1.
  • That is it! Along these lines, you can enable Audio Sandbox in Edge program

2] Enable Audio Sandbox by means of Group Policy Management Console

  • Open Group Policy Management console.
  • Explore to Policies > ‘AdministrativeTemplates’ folder.
  • The regulatory layouts are accessible on the Microsoft Edge Enterprise landing page and can be enabled on Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise only. Visit this link and click on the Get Policy Files link.
  • In the wake of downloading and installing them, open Group Policy Editor and expand the folder and select the ‘Microsoft Edge’ folder.
  • In the right-sheet, double-tap ‘Allow the audio sandbox to run.
  • Click Enabled, and then click OK.

Windows 10 Home comes up short on the Group Policy Editor along these lines, this strategy can’t be configured on such frameworks

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