Connect Steam link to PC with these easy steps

Steam Link is the piece of hardware that shifts cast the games on bigger screens like LED TVs. This device helps users to enhance their gaming experience. You may have noticed that professional gamers prefer to play games on wider screens. This makes gameplay more easy and comfortable. Sitting on the couch and playing a battle royale, it sounds interesting.

Although the Steam Link is a small piece of hardware, it supports many accessories too. Like you can connect it with the Xbox and PS4 gaming consoles. Other than the consoles you can also attach the necessary accessories through it. It means now you can play the game on the Wider screen with all the essentials.

Many people are unaware of how to Connect Steam Link. Actually the option is not enabled by default. Stream casting on other screens is possible if you enable the option from settings.

Requirements connect Steam Link with Computer:

First, you have to fulfill the requirements of Steam Link. Here are the requirements to use Steam Link with a computer.

  • Steam Latest version must be installed on your computer.
  • Your Computer operating systems must be Windows 7 or Windows 10, I recommend to use the Windows 10 latest version.
  • Internet connection must be strong and stable. Otherwise, the game will get disconnected from the server various times.

Procedure to connect Steam Link with PC:

  1. Provide the power supply to Steam Link, plugin the adapter.
  2. Connect your WiFi and Steam Link with the display device.
  3. To play games you need to connect the mouse, Keyboard with the Steam Link. There are dedicated USB ports in the device.

Now Link your PC with Steam on your Home network;

  1. Choose the PC by pressing A button on your controller.
  2. If your computer is absent in the list, press Y to refresh the list.
  3. After the device selection, Steam Link will ask you for a 4-digit pin.
  4. Type the code and get connected with Steam Link.

These were the simple steps to connect the Steam Link with your computer.


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