Fix HTTP error 503 the service is unavailable

No internet user likes to be bothered while using a web browser like Google Chrome & Firefox. But when you are visiting various websites, you are destined to face critical situations like “HTTP error 503”.

Not to worry, there are lots of workarounds to Fix HTTP error 503 the service is unavailable. Just follow my lead and try to read the article carefully and imply the steps as they are drafted for you.

However, there are two reasons for HTTP error 503. The first possibility is that it can happen because the website you are trying to visit, its not well-prepared for high-traffic. Also, it’s also a possibility that such a portal is under maintenance.


3 Ways to Fix HTTP error 503 the service is unavailable

Tricks that can be helpful in errors like HTTP 503

There are some tips/tricks that help us bypass 5xx errors. Some of the essential fixes are listed below:

  1. Reload/Refresh the web page.
  2. Use a different web browser.
  3. Restart your Modem.
  4. Reboot your router.
  5. Copy the URL and paste it onto a new tab & then try to open it.

Stop using the proxy server for a second

If you are using a free proxy tool or you just entered a custom proxy address, then I might be a cause of errors like HTTP 503. Because whenever a web browser is unable to locate the right DNS address or IPV4 or IPV6 protocols, it doesn’t give you the right access to your desired portals.

So if you want to use a VPN, then you should consider getting the right one or at least the one that doesn’t harm your network. Else, if you are entering custom proxies, try getting help from a professional.

Using control panel to tweak application pools

Fix HTTP error 503 the service is unavailable

  • Launch the Turn Windows features on or off utility.
  • Locate & check the Internet Information Services checkbox.
  • Open Control panel from the start menu.
  • Select Large icons to view the available items with ease.
  • Now double-click on Administrative Tools
  • Open IIS Manager from the next window.
  • Hit View Application Pools from the right-sided pane.
  • Select DefaultAppPool and perform an action according to your situation:
    • If it’s stopped, start it.
    • If its running, reboot it.
  • Close the window and check if the error persists or not.

If the above-provided solution was not good enough, then there’s another strategy to help you. Just start from the View Application Pools step.

  • After starting/rebooting DefaultAppPool, click on Advanced Settings
  • Expand Process Model
  • Change Load User Profile value to False.
  • Click on the Ok button to save changes.

Still no help? then try another trick. While you are in the Advanced Settings of DefaultAppPool, select Process Model again. Now make changes in the identity tab, change your user name and passcode. Close by clicking on the Ok button. Also, when you are inside the View Application Pools, just click on the Recycle link from the right-sided menu.

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