How to Fix No battery is detected error on Windows 10 laptop

Here and there, your Windows 10 laptop may toss an error saying No battery is detected. There might be a few reasons because of which this error happens. Here are not many simple-to-follow steps that may assist you with settling the issue of No battery is detected on your Windows laptop.

No battery is detected on Windows 10

As mentioned previously, there might be a few causes of this No battery has detected an error. You can attempt the accompanying fixes and one of them should work for you.

Let us take a gander at each of these fixes in detail.

1] Check the force connector

This ought to be the first and the principal step in fixing the issue of No battery is detected on a Windows laptop. The force connector might be either free or not working. Check if the laptop is accusing another force connector.

2] Open the battery compartment and clean it

If you are certain that, the force connector is working fine, you can take a stab at expelling the battery from its compartment. On the off chance that the laptop has been dropped, reconnecting the battery will settle the issue. At the point when you open the battery compartment, clean it with a dry fabric. Amassed residue can likewise make a block in battery charging.

3] Update the drivers on your laptop

Update the drivers on your laptop

Refreshing the drivers on your laptop may likewise do the wonders. Go to Start Menu and open Device Manager. Click on the drop-down bolt of Batteries option to see the sub-sections inside it. You will see the accompanying sub-sections inside Batteries:

  • Microsoft AC Adapter
  • Microsoft Surface ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery
  1. Right-click on every one of these things and click on the Uninstall device.
  2. This will uninstall every one of the Battery related devices.
  3. Now remove the battery from the laptop and reconnect it after some time. Next, connect the force connector to the laptop and start reviving it.
  4. After this, start your laptop and it ought to reinstall these two drivers automatically. Now check whether the issue is settled.

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4] Run Power Troubleshooter

Run Power Troubleshooter

If you have Windows 10 laptops, you can troubleshoot the laptop’s power settings. Press Windows Key + I and go to Find a setting field. Type ‘Troubleshoot Power’ and you will see the following option.

Click on this option and you will see the Power Troubleshooter open.

Click Next and adhere to the instructions in the window. After the changes, reboot your laptop.

5] Run the Power Efficiency Diagnostic Report Tool

The Power Efficiency Diagnostic Report Tool will give you a total analysis of the battery use and it might assist you with recognizing the issue. To get the battery report type following order in the order prompt:

powercfg /batteryreport

The report is created and saved money on the file way. This way is mentioned in the Command Prompt.

Attempt one of these options and check whether the battery issue is fathomed on your laptop.

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