Use Google Photos in Windows 10

3 Ways to Use Google Photos in Windows 10

Windows 10 bieng the most appreciatable operating system, it provides lots of good services to its consumers. Well, it is preferred by tons of users because it allows them to install any application they want to. Same implies to users who want to use “Google Photos in Windows 10”.

If you are one of such users who are finding it hard to get Google Photos in Windows 10, I’m here to help. I’ll tell you exactly the two fully working methods to complete the task. Both of such workarounds are easy to imply, and you don’t have to worry about your PC’s healthy while implying them.


How Can I Use Google Photos in Windows 10?

Install Google Photos App on your PC

Install Google Photos App on your PC

  • Click here to download the Google Photos client for your Windows OS.
  • After its successful installation, launch it from the desktop of your computer.
  • At first, you’ll be asked to log in by entering your Gmail account credentials.
  • Once you perform this task, you’ll be taken directly to your account files.
  • Now you can manage all your media content or even upload more files in Google Photos.

Get it from the Microsoft Store

Add Google Photos in Windows 10

Many users are not aware of the fact that you can also get Client 4 Google Photos directly from the Microsoft Store. But it’ll be available only for Windows 8, 8.1, & 10. But the good thing is that the Mac users can also install this application on their iMac & MacBook Air/Pro devices.

Use a Web Browser

Use Google Photos in Windows 10

If you don’t want to install any apps or utilities on Windows 10, then you can also use Google Photos on your web browser. For that, just sign in to your Gmail account and then open Google Photos directly from it. In my experience, it’s your best option of using Google Photos in Windows 10.

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