What is this $WinREAgent folder?

Do you see a $WinREAgent folder on your C drive? What’s more, perhaps thinking about what it is there for. All things considered, such folders with the ‘Dollar’ $ sign show that the folder is covered up and they are used to make during the installation stage and proceeding for just a constrained timeframe.


What is $WinREAgent folder in Windows 10

$WinREAgent folder is normally made during an overhaul or update and it is utilized on the off chance that a rollback is required.

  • It is made by the Windows Recovery Environment that functions as an answer when the framework neglects to start. WinRE can fix the regular issues that forestall the Windows working framework from booting effectively. When its use is finished, the vast majority of its substance gets erased.

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It is a shrouded folder and to see it, you need to make Windows show concealed files and folders.

  • If you see the folder now on a sound framework, you will see that it might contain another vacant sub-folder named Scratch.

You won’t discover more subtleties in the $WinREAgent folder aside from the size that shows just 0 bytes.

  • If you do choose to erase it, you can feel free to erase it.

If you are confronting issues while refreshing your framework, then erasing the WinREAgent folder could be one of the arrangements that can assist you with installing the updates.

  • A few users have seen that the $WinREAgent folder gets expelled after they uninstalled the Windows 10 Update Assistant.

Sadly, there is no notice of this folder anyplace on the Microsoft sites – so if you do know much else about it, kindly include your remarks beneath to support all.

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