Auto Hide the Address bar in Microsoft Edge

Auto-Hide Address Bar In Microsoft Edge Full Screen Mode – Easy steps

Google Incorporation may have the best browser but Microsoft is also not coming slow! We have seen the recent that Microsoft has brought the major changes to their Edge Browser. They improved it a lot that after Google and Firefox surely people take Edge as the third option. It deserves to be called a competitor of mighty Google Chrome. The amazing thing about the edge that its innovation speed is unmatchable. Now Mircosoft started giving those features which are not present in Google Chrome even.

The features are maybe minor but still can’t neglect the innovation level. One of those innovations is hiding the address bar in full-screen mode. Many people are unaware of this feature even the edge users. You can auto-hide the address bar when you run Edge in full-screen mode. It comes useful when you are browsing or streaming some content on the internet. There are no distractions on screen due to such a tiny feature. This feature is available in Microsoft Edge, Canary, Beta and stable.

This feature is not enabled by default. Users have to enable the Auto-hide address bar who wish to hide it.

How to enable Auto-hide address bar in Microsoft Edge:

The steps are really simple, no need to take help from any third party. The feature allies in the Microsoft Edge settings. I need to follow a couple of steps to explore the settings and enable the feature.

  1. Launch the Microsoft Edge on your computer.
  2. Follow the link [edge://flags/#edge-enable-shy-ui].
  3. Select the Enabled option from the drop-down. Present right next to Enable Full-Screen Dropdown.
  4. After enabling the feature, restart your browser.

Now every time you want to enable Full-screen mode with the hidden address bar, just press the F11. You can make the address bar visible, take your mouse cursor at the top of the screen.

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