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How to set the Default Printer in Windows 10

by Mohsin Raza
How to set the Default Printer in Windows 10

When using a laptop for both Office and home, we frequently need to switch printers. Windows 10 doesn’t offer a simple method to switch printer, as it will ensure there is a default printer. It has happened with me so often that I had put something to print just to acknowledge it went to my Office printer instead of one at home. So how would you set a default printer in Windows 10? That is the thing that we will investigate this today.

How to set the Default Printer in Windows 10

How to set the Default Printer in Windows 10

To see the default printer on your Windows 10 PC, do the following:

  1. Open Windows 10 Device Settings (Win + I) > Devices
  2. Change to Printers and scanners
  3. Click on the printer you need to set as default, and afterward click on Manage
  4. Then click on Set as default button to set the printer as default.
  5. When you do that, the printer will appear as the chose printer when you proceed to print anything. Likewise, the printer will have status as Default in the printer list.
  6. Automatically switch default printer dependent on the spot

While it is anything but difficult to change the default printer, it doesn’t help. If the default printer can change automatically depending on the area of the PC. So if I return home, the default printer is my home printer, and the workplace printer when I go to work.

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Let Windows deal with my default printer

Under Printers and scanners, check the crate which says “Let Windows deal with my default printer.” When this is turned on, Windows will set your default printer to be the one you used most as of late at your present area.

It has one disadvantage however in certain use cases. If you continue switching printers at the workplace, then the default printer will be the as of late used printer in that area.

I trust the guide was useful for you, and you had the option to set the default printer for Windows 10.

There is no Network-based alternative to change the default printer like in Windows 7, so you should let Windows deal with the default printer.

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