How to pin Action Center

How to pin Action Center as a Sidebar in Windows 10

The Action Center is a notification community where you can see, interact with, and excuse all Windows 10 notifications. The Action Center records things requiring consideration, for example, updating programming, incoming mail cautions, Windows security information, and so forth. In this post, we will show you how to pin Action Center as a sidebar (that is to consistently keep it open) in Windows 10.

Ordinarily, to open the Action Center, you need to squeeze Windows key + An or simply click the Notifications symbol on the framework plate on the taskbar – the Action Center sheet closes automatically when you click another window or when you click anyplace else on the screen.

How to pin Action Center as a Sidebar in Windows 10

However, you might need to pin Action Center as a sidebar by keeping it constantly open with the goal that you can rapidly check new notifications just as access snappy activity buttons. To do that you’ll have to play out a library tweak.

Pin Action Center as a sidebar and keep the sheet constantly open

To pin Action Center as a sidebar, do the following;

  • Press Windows key + R. In the Run discourse box type regedit and hit Enter to dispatch Registry Editor.
  • Explore or bounce to the following library key:
  • Then right-click on a vacant space on the correct sheet.
  • Select New > DWORD (32-bit) Value.
  • Name the key DisableLightDismiss.
  • Double-tap the recently made key and set the Value information to 1.
  • Click OK.

Now you can squeeze Windows key + An or click the Action Center plate symbol to open the sheet. If you click elsewhere, open a folder or program, you will see that Action Center remains open.

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To close or hide the Action Center sheet, you’ll have to click on its symbol on the notification region on the correct finish of the taskbar or press Windows key + A key combo.

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