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3 Methods – How to Enable/Disable Focus Assist In Windows 10

by Hassan Mujtaba
Enable or Disable Focus Assist In Windows 10

Notification sare irritating most of the time. Except for the important business emails or university mails, the rest of all irritate the users. Especially when the users are playing games or watching movies the notifications are cancer for them. There is a problem if we turn off all notifications in Windows than it can be worse for you. Because if we disable all notification than we will miss the important emails and notifications, which can cost you alot.

Windows is a user-friendly OS and it offers alot of features for the user’s ease. One of the important features of Windows is the Focus Assist. This feature was previously known as Quite hours. In the Windows 10 version 1803, Microsoft renamed the feature as Focus Assist.

How to Enable/Disable Focus Assist in Windows 10:

The basic function of this feature is to stop the unnecessary distracting Notifications in Windows 10. It is activated by default and users have freedom of enabling and disabling this option. If you are working on an important project or enjoying your entertainment hours than you can enable this feature. In this tutorial, we will guide you with different ways through which you can enable or disable Focus Assist in Windows 10.

Using the Windows Settings:

  • Click on the Windows icon and select the Setting icon, Shortcut key Win+i.
  • Click on the System option and select the Focus Assist feature.
  • Under the Focus Assist option, you will see three sub-options.
    • Off (Focus Assist completely turned off).
    • Priority Only (notifications from selective apps only).
    • Alarms Only (Only alarms notifications if you have set).

Choose the option which you want and it will get applied. Also, you have an automatic mode that disables and enables notifications according to Windows intelligence.

From the Shortcuts:

As the Android OS, Windows OS also offers a pretty comprehensive Shortcuts menu. This menu offers quick access to the essential and most used settings of Windows. The shortcut menu of Windows 10 latest version includes the Focus Assist option. I don’t! then you can add the Focus Assist to the menu.

The first procedure is a bit lengthy and difficult for the noobs. And, this procedure is so quick. People who are using Touch Laptops can drag the shortcut menu by swiping left. And people who are using Laptop Without touch screen have to press Win + A keys.

Using Group Policy Editor:

If you own a Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise version than Focus Assist option allies in Group policy. Follow the below steps to enable or disable Focus Assist in Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise version.

  • Open the Windows dialog box (Run), shortcut keys (Win + R).
  • Type the entry gpedit.msc this will open group policy editor.
  • Now follow the sequence
    User configuration –> Administrative Templates –> Start Menu and Taskbar –> Notifications.
  • Focus Assist option is present with old name Quiet Hours, double click on quiet hours.
  • Select enable if you want to disable quiet hours.
  • Select disable if you want to enable quiet hours.

That’s how you can turn off the Focus Assist option in Windows 10.

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