Fix Drivers can't download


Driver errors are the most common errors which are the companion of windows since its invention. Drivers! as the name tells they enable the program to get operate. Without them, you can’t even move the mouse cursor. It is necessary to use Windows full functions that your drivers must be upto date and supportive.

Among the types of drivers, the device drivers are the most common error. Such as keyboard drivers, USB Drivers, Drivers for mobile, etc. When they are not working you devise connectivity will get failed. Luckily this issue is easiest to solve on Windows. Because the Windows version especially Windows 10 contains the options in stock. Update Drivers and Troubleshooting these 2 features fix the error within no time. Since the begining of Windows OS, we heard alot of FAQs about Drivers can’t load the device.

Today we are here to guide you on fixing such issues. Especially for the Windows 10 users because it is the ongoing version of the famous operating system series.

How to fix Driver Can’t Load the device:

If the problem is only one driver specifically, means the error occurs while loading a device. You can uninstall the drivers and then install the latest version of that driver. By the way, the Windows stock update option will automatically provide the latest version. At the second option, you can download the driver’s version from the manufacturer’s websites.

Turn off memory Integrity Setting in Windows 10:

Do you know about the Core Isolation feature? It is the stock option for Windows users that protect the sensitive parts of operating systems like Random Access Memory (RAM).

Fix Drivers can't download

The basic function of Core isolation and Memory integrity is to prevent attacks. It prevents attacks from inserting malicious code. Sometimes device drivers don’t like to share the place with Windows security options. That’s users are failed to find a suitable device. So, you need to disable the memory Integrity Feature to load drivers successfully.

  1. Go to the Windows Settings, Press shortcut keys (Windows key + i).
  2. Navigate to the Update & Security option.
  3. Select Windows Security located at the left-hand pane.
  4. Select the Device Security option on the next menu.
  5. Here you will see the Core isolation option with the toggle switch.
  6. Turn the switch off.

Your Core isolation is successfully turned off. To apply the changes, you need to restart the computer once. After the restart, you devise drivers will be loaded successfully.

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