Fix SMTP Gateway Not Responding

Fix SMTP Gateway Not Responding Error

The old-age printers were good in the sense that they were a lot easier to configure and use. But nowadays, the electronic devices are developed to bring ease, but instead, it has started to provide lots of complications which are hard to bear. Take an example of HP printers, that are now preferred by most of the industries.

Such printers have the ability to email scanned files instantly. This process works through SMTP Gateways which have their own servers of getting the job done. Though, there are users who have complained about not bieng able to access this facility. So here, I’ll be discussing several methods to Fix SMTP Gateway Not Responding Error. I guess, we can start with the easiest solution.


3 Ways To Fix SMTP Gateway Not Responding Error

Turn-off Less Secure Apps Access (for Gmail)

Fix SMTP Gateway Not Responding

  • Click here to visit the online Gmail portal on your web browser.
  • The moment you enter the portal, you’ll see a toggle right in front of you.
  • Yes, its the toggle of Allow less secure apps: OFF/ON
  • If it’s enabled, you should disable it instantly.
  • Now start using Scan to email via HP Printers.

Configure Your Printer’s Web Server (for Hotmail)

Fix SMTP Gateway Not Responding

  • Visit your HP Printer’s web server domain on your web browser.
  • Enter your printer’s IP to move forward.
  • Now perform the following steps exactly as they are presented.
    • Default From: xxxx@hotmail.comDefault Display Name: XXXX
    • SMTP Server:
    • SMTP Port: 587
    • (check) Always Use secure connection SSL/TLS
    • (uncheck) Validate Server Certificate
    • Maximum Size of Email: Unlimited
    • (check) Server Requires Authentification
    • User name
    • Password: email account password
  • Once done, change your DNS address to |
  • You can also ask your service provider if there was any change in DNS address by the manufacturers.

Download Older Firmware

Fix SMTP Gateway Not Responding

  • Download old firmware of the HP printer and Ncat.
  • Save both downloaded files in the same file directory.
  • Now open command prompt from the Cortana search bar.
  • Execute the following command:
    • ncat.exe -w 100 [printer’s IP] < ojpro_8710_1834A_08212018.rfu
  • Replace the printer’s IP with the original IP address of your printer.
  • Once done, close the cmd and reboot your PC.

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