How to Fix NVIDIA Display settings are not available in Windows 10

With regards to choose a GPU or a Graphics card for our framework, the main alternative we generally go for is NVIDIA. It is famous because of its working and backing. Now, if you are using a framework with an NVIDIA GPU, you may run over certain blunders. Today we are going to perceive how to fix the error NVIDIA Display settings are not available.

There can be numerous purposes for this blunder, yet one of the most probable issues could be that the monitor isn’t connected to the GPU. To put it plainly, if you are using a monitor that isn’t connected to GPU, the blunder will popup. Another explanation could be that the monitor is connected to an inappropriate port.

NVIDIA Display settings are not available

Allows simply state that the port you are using is right and the monitor is additionally acceptable, then you may need to follow the methods given beneath. The methods beneath are attempted and tried troubleshooting methodology.

NVIDIA Display settings are not available

Before we start, ensure you return the settings made to framework files and vaults if any method doesn’t work for you. Now, there can be a decent number of reasons why you are getting such a mistake. Here are the methods which you should attempt:

  • Check connection of the Display
  • Restart NVIDIA administrations
  • Update Graphics Card drivers
  • Uninstall and Re-install NVIDIA Drivers

To ensure the applied changes are working, restart your framework subsequent to completing each method.

Check connection of the Display

The most significant thing is to check whether the display of your framework is connected appropriately. Check the state of the link, pay special mind to any kind of cuts and splits. In particular, check if the link is connected to the GPU’s yield port. Commonly when somebody purchases another framework, the most essential error they make is to connect the display to an inappropriate port.

Restart NVIDIA administrations

If you are a PC nerd then you may know what this method is about. Windows 10 sudden spikes in demand for a few administrations and these administrations are the explanation because of which your applications, just as OS, run. Disabling any help without knowledge can make your framework work strangely.

Like framework administrations, NVIDIA likewise chips away at certain administrations and it is essential that these administrations are working. Follow the steps given below and ensure these administrations are running.

Press Win + R keys. At the point when the Run window appears, type services.msc and hit Enter.

Run Dialog

Find the rundown of administrations, scan for:

  • NVIDIA Display Container LS
  • NVIDIA LocalSystem Container and
  • NVIDIA NetworkService Container.

Start from NVIDIA Display Container LS, right-click on the administration and click on Properties.


In the General tab search for Startup type and Service status. The previous one ought to be set to Automatic and the horizontal one to Running.

If the Startup type is set to Disable or Manual then Set to Automatic from the dropdown list.


If the Service status is set as Stopped then simply click on Start and it will be running.

Rehash steps 3, 4, 5 and 6 for NVIDIA LocalSystem Container administration.

Now select NVIDIA NetworkService Container and perform Steps 3 and 4.

The fundamental motivation behind this administration is to download the updates and install them automatically just as keep you connected to Nvidia’s GPU arrange. Here you can perform Steps 5 and 6. Or on the other hand, you can set the Startup type to Manual and Stop the administration if you don’t have a functioning connection present.

Stop Services

It would be ideal if you ensure that you don’t change any of the different settings or administrations pointlessly. It might make your PC work unusually or don’t make it work by any means.

At this point, the mistake ought to have gone and you may have the option to use the framework with NVIDIA’s display settings.

Update Graphics Card drivers

In many situations, the explanation for the mistake is degenerate, obsolete or incompatible drivers. These things lead to Windows incapable to identify the hardware or unfit to run it. Another explanation that can be behind the blunders could be the installation of outsider applications.

Some of the time these applications interfere with display drivers and lead to stop their working. The kind of mistakes you will get may display different blunder messages yet the guilty party could be just one. The main method for this situation you ought to follow is updating the illustrations card drivers.

To update Graphics Card drivers, open Start menu, type GeForce Experience. Open the NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience application.

Geforce Experience

Click on the Drivers tab.

Now, click on Check for updates. If drivers are available then download them.

Update Driver

Once the download finishes, use Express Installation as an alternative to install the new driver updates.

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Uninstall and Re-install NVIDIA Drivers

At the point when any of the above methods don’t work for you, the main thing left is to reinstall the drivers. You may find it somewhat extensive procedure however it is justified, despite all the trouble, trust me.

Press Win + R keys. Type control and hit enter.

Run Box

At the point when Control Panel opens up, click on Programs and Features.

Quest for all the projects under Nvidia’s name and uninstall them.

Control Panel

Go to the NVIDIAs webpage to download new drivers.

Select the Product Type, Series, OS, and Language according to your necessity. Click on Search.


The inquiry will divert you to the download page. Click on Download.


It will again take you a page that says you are going to Download Nvidia’s Display Drivers and GeForce Experience application. Again click on Download.

Download Driver

Once the download is finished, start installing the application. While installing, kindly select Custom(Advanced) as an Installation alternative.

Nvidia Graphics Drivers

Selecting the Custom installation alternative will install the drivers as new and erase all the old files identified with the drivers. When the installation is finished, you can check if the mistake is as yet present. Be that as it may, it ought to have a distant memory at this point and you can make the most of your life again.

If it’s not too much trouble let us know which of the above methods accomplished work for you or the blunder is as yet present

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