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How to fix “Your account has been disabled” message after exiting Audit Mode in Windows 10

by Mohsin Raza
Your account has been disabled windows 10

In the present post, we will identify the cause and afterward give the arrangement/workaround to the error message Your account has been disabled that you may experience after you turn off a Windows 10-based PC from Audit Mode.

At the point when Windows boots, it starts in either Out-Of-Box Experience (OOBE) mode or in audit mode. OOBE is the default out-of-box experience that permits end-users to enter their account information, select language, acknowledge the Microsoft Terms of Service, and set up networking.

Your account has been disabled windows 10

You can arrange Windows to boot to Audit Mode instead. In the audit mode, you can roll out extra improvements to the Windows installation before you send the PC to a client or catch the picture for reuse in your association. For instance, you can install drivers included in a driver bundle, install applications, or make different updates that require the Windows installation to be running. At the point when you use an answer file, Windows forms settings in the auditSystem and auditUser arrangement pass.

At the point when you boot to audit mode, you sign into the framework using the implicit administrator account. After you sign on to the framework, the inherent administrator account is promptly disabled during the auditUser arrangement pass. Whenever that the PC reboots, the implicit administrator account remains disabled.

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Your account has been disabled message after exiting Audit mode

How about we investigate a run of the mill situation that can trigger this blunder message.

You’re working on a Windows 10-based PC and you go into Sysprep Audit Mode from the Out of Box Experience (OOBE) screen. Next, you turn off the PC by using the Shutdown order on the Start menu, or you use one of the following Shut down alternatives:

  • Log off
  • Rest
  • Sleep.

Then, you restart or wake the PC. You’ll get the following blunder message on the login screen:

Your account has been disabled, Please see your system administrator.

According to Microsoft, this is normal conduct because the framework is using Hybrid Shutdown (otherwise called Fast Startup) during Audit mode.

In Audit mode, the administrator account is empowered preceding logoff and disabled following logon. Along these lines, the account is bolted out when you turn off the PC and afterward walk out on.

To work around this conduct, impair Hybrid Shutdown. To do this, follow these steps:

Open Command Prompt in Administrator Mode

At the order prompt, type or copy and glue the following order, and afterward hit Enter:

shutdown /s /t 00

That is it!

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