How to Fix This theme can’t be applied to the desktop error in Windows 10

How to Fix This theme can’t be applied to the desktop error in Windows 10

While changing a theme on Windows 10, if you see an error message This theme can’t be applied to the desktop, then this post may support you. Numerous individuals have fixed this issue by disabling Theme synchronization – yet we offer other recommendations too, that may assist you with resolving the issue.

“This theme can’t be applied to the desktop. Try clicking a different theme.”

Microsoft included a few themes for personalizing the user interface of your PC. From the foundation picture, shading to sound profile, and mouse cursor – a theme can make a huge difference. You can likewise download a .themepack file from the Microsoft site and apply that to your Windows 10.

This theme can’t be applied to the desktop

To fix This theme can’t be applied to the desktop error in Windows 10, follow these troubleshooting tips-

  • Re-download the theme file
  • Handicap Theme synchronization
  • Handicap Prevent changing theme setting
  • Check Themes Service
  • Uncheck Remove foundation pictures setting in Ease of Access Center.

Re-download the theme file

As referenced before, a Windows theme file has a .themepack expansion, and you can download it from the Microsoft site. If you downloaded a theme from an outsider source, and the file is adulterated because of any explanation, you may get this error message while installing it. It is better if you download the file again, ideally to another area, and attempt to apply it on your Windows 10 PC.

If that takes care of your concern – great; otherwise, continue following the ensuing steps.

Disable Theme synchronization

Disable Theme synchronization

On Windows 10, you can use a nearby user account, or a Microsoft account which lets you synchronize everything over various PCs. Some have detailed that the Theme synchronization setting can cause this issue. So if you are using a Microsoft Account to sign in to your PC, debilitate Theme synchronization and see.

Open Windows Settings by pressing Win+I buttons together. Then, go to Accounts > Sync your settings. Turn Off the Theme synchronization setting by toggling the corresponding button under Individual match up settings.

From that point onward, attempt to install or apply a similar theme.

Disable Prevent changing theme setting

Disable Prevent changing theme setting

There is a Group Policy setting called Prevent changing theme that administrators can use to keep others from changing the theme. If it is empowered accidentally or by your admin, there is an opportunity of seeing this error message. Therefore, you can incapacitate this setting and check if it settles your issue or not.

Here you can find the Prevent changing theme setting on your right-side. Double-tap on it, and ensure that the Not Configured alternative is chosen.

If not, do choose the alternative, and spare your change before applying the theme to your PC.

Check Themes Service

Check Themes Service

There is assistance that should be running constantly in the foundation to make your theme work. Therefore, you ought to verify if the administration is as yet running or not. For that, open the Services Manager via searching for it in the Taskbar search box and find out the Themes administration in the Name section. Double-tap on it, and check if the Service status is set to Running or not.

If not, you have to choose Automatic from the Startup type drop-down rundown and click the Start button separately.

While here, you could likewise guarantee that the Desktop Window Manager service is started.

From that point onward, save your change, and attempt to install your theme not surprisingly.

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Uncheck Remove foundation pictures setting in Ease of Access Center

Uncheck Remove background images setting in Ease of Access Center

Open Control Panel > Ease of Access > Ease of Access Center > Make the PC simpler to see the area. Explore to:

  • Here, uncheck Remove background images setting.
  • Click Apply and exit.
  • I trust something here helps you

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