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Here’s How You Can Archive Emails in Windows Live Mail

by Hassan Mujtaba
archive mails in Windows live mail

Before proceeding to the guide we need to give important information to our viewers. User’s who are using Windows Live Mail, there is bad news for you. Microsoft decided to continue the Windows Live Mail after a long tenure. They are going to launch their new mail app soon.

However we can’t ignore the figures, still, millions of users are using Windows Live mail for communication. The mail is not closed yet, but no more updates will arrive.

archive mails in Windows live mail

If you want to continue using Windows Live Mail, you must need to know “How to Archive emails in Windows Live Mail”. It will keep you an important email forever. So, that you can accidentally delete them while deleting the bulk of mails. By archiving the mails they will get stored on your PC. After that even if you delete all emails from Windows Live Mail, Archived mails will sustain on your computer. This is like Email Backuping. First, you have to make mails ready to archive them.

Prepare Mails Folder to archive them jointly

  • Launch Windows Live Mail on your computer, if you didn’t yet.
  • Storage Folder must be shown on the sidebar. For this
    • Click on the tab view.
    • Choose the Storage Folder option.
    • Create a Local Archive folder to save your Emails.
  • Create New Folder by right click on the Storage Folders.
  • Name the file which is easily recognizable for you and then click on OK.
  • Now under the storage folder, you will see all folders including newly created folders.

Transport mails into New Folder:

  1. Now its time to move those mails which you want to Archive. It is an easy procedure.
  2. Select all the emails which you want to save on your computer offline.
  3. Right-click on the screen and select Move to Folder option.
  4. Select the newly created folder as your Mails Destination.
  5. Your mails will get moved in a while. You can also use the Drag and Drop technique to move mails into new folder.

This was the easiest procedure to save you archived emails. You can also upload the archived emails on Google Drive or Gmail. So, you can keep the backup of important mails both online and offline.

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