Command Prompt AutoComplete Doesn’t Work in Windows 10

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CMD aka command prompt is one of the most favored utilities that’s available in Windows OS. Many users prefer using its users because it lessens the human effort & time spent on a specific project. Point made here is that this facility is only provided to bring ease into the life of its users.

Some consumers of CMD have complained a critical error that states “Command Prompt AutoComplete Doesn’t Work”. So here, I’ve decided to help my readers Fix Command Prompt AutoComplete Doesn’t Work in Windows 10. Well, for your acknowledgment, this error is caused mostly after updating Windows 10.


2 Procedures To Fix Command Prompt AutoComplete Doesn’t Work in Windows 10

Tweak Command Processor

Command Prompt AutoComplete Doesn't Work in Windows 10

  • Launch Windows Registry Editor through the Cortana Search Bar.
  • Navigate to the following path in Registry Editor:
    • Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Command Processor
  • Double-click on PathCompletionChar from the right-sided window.
  • Set its value as 9 and click on the Ok button.
  • Now open the CompletionChar key.
  • Enter 9 as its value data and hit Ok to save changes.


  • Open PathCompletionChar and set its value as 40.
  • Do the same for the CompletionChar key.
  • Close the Registry Editor and reboot your PC.

Note: Ensure that PathCompletionChar and CompletionChar have the same value.

Use CMD to Fix The Issue

Command Prompt AutoComplete Doesn't Work in Windows 10

  • Open CMD (command prompt) on your Windows PC or Laptop.
  • Execute the following commands one-by-one in the CMD interface:
    • reg add “hkcusoftwaremicrosoftcommand processor” /v CompletionChar /d 9 /t REG_DWORD /f
    • reg add “hkcusoftwaremicrosoftcommand processor” /v PathCompletionChar /d 9 /t REG_DWORD /f
  • The above-provided commands will enable the auto-complete feature in CMD.
  • Once you are done executing such commands, restart the command prompt and then start to work.

Hopefully, now the command prompt will start to act as normal as it is supposed to. But by any chance, if you are still facing the same error, don’t hesitate to ask for help via the comments section.

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