NVIDIA Installer cannot continue

How to Fix “NVIDIA Installer cannot continue on Windows 10” Error

A few users may experience the NVIDIA Installer cannot continue issue with NVIDIA graphics drivers while they are doing a new install of Windows 10. In the present post, we will identify the cause of this mistake and afterward give the conceivable remediation to the issue also.

NVIDIA Installer cannot continue

The accompanying blunder message springs up on the screen during the installation procedure;

The Standard NVIDIA illustrations driver isn’t perfect with this version of Windows. It would be ideal if you update your driver using GeForce Experience to download the right version.

The “NVIDIA Installer cannot continue” issue happens because the GeForce 398.36 DCH illustrations driver is naturally installed through Windows Update after the principal sign-on.

To determine this issue, you can attempt the prescribed solutions underneath.

Disconnect the PC from the system during the OS installation

Use the NVIDIA GeForce Experience application to work around the issue

Before you start, first verify if the NVIDIA DCH illustrations driver is installed on your Windows 10 OS by checking if there is a worth named DCHUVen in Windows Registry.

Here’s the secret:

Dispatch Registry Editor (press Windows key + R. In the Run discourse box, type regedit and hit Enter).

Explore to the accompanying library section:

Computer\ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\nvlddmkm

If the DCHUVen esteem exists, that implies you are running an NVIDIA DCH driver.

Now that you have confirmed that the NVIDIA DCH graphics driver is available on your PC, you can follow the steps underneath to totally uninstall it before you can continue with the prescribed solution to dodge the mistake from happening.

If you uninstall the NVIDIA GeForce driver ordinarily, it won’t be gone from the framework until you reboot your PC. Be that as it may, Windows Update will start the following reboot and reinstall the DCH driver that you just uninstalled.

To uninstall the GeForce illustrations driver appropriately, do the accompanying:

Dispatch the Device Manager (press Windows key + X. Select Device Manager from the menu).

Open the NVIDIA designs connector.

Go to the Details tab and select Inf name under Property. Then make a note of the worth.

Next, run an order promptly as an admin.

Copy and paste the order underneath into the order prompt and hit Enter:

pnputil /delete-driver X /uninstall

X is the spot holder for the Inf name esteem you identified already.

In the wake of uninstalling and erasing the driver bundle effectively, run the accompanying order to evacuate the remains of the driver.

sc delete nvlddmkm

In the wake of finishing these steps, you would now be able to attempt any of the two solutions to determine the issue.

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1] Disconnect the computer from the network during the OS installation

This is the most immediate and powerful method to stay away from the issue. Disconnecting the PC from the system during the OS installation will obstruct the OS from installing the GeForce 398.36 DCH graphics driver by means of Windows Update. What’s more, you have to physically install the driver from the USB media or driver circle before the system is accessible. Windows Update won’t supplant any current driver with a DCH driver.

2] Use the NVIDIA GeForce Experience application to work around the issue

GeForce Experience is a companion application to your GeForce GTX illustrations card. You can get a DCH version of the illustrations driver through it to dodge potential conflicts. Along these lines, using the GeForce Experience application can likewise be successful in maintaining a strategic distance from the “NVIDIA Installer cannot continue” issue.

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