How to Configure Pen and Windows Ink Workspace Settings in Windows 10

How to Configure Pen and Windows Ink Workspace Settings in Windows 10

We have perceived how Microsoft is evolving Windows 10 with all the significant discharges since its dispatch. Today we are going to perceive how Microsoft is working extremely hard particularly for its Surface Devices. You may have gone over or may have found out about Windows Ink Experience, it’s another name for Pen and contact devices working with the OS.

Pen and Windows Ink Settings in Windows 10

To open Pen and Windows Ink settings, go to:

  1. Open Settings, click on Devices.
  2. On the left side see for Pen and Windows Ink Tab. Click on it.

You would see that the entire page to be separated into different segments which will include settings for Pen and Windows Ink Workspace.


In the Pen segment, you may see the settings on what assignment should the Pen performs when connected, which hand you are using to hold the pen, and so forth. If a pen isn’t connected then you may find a different situation when Pen and Windows Ink settings are opened up.

To match a pen with your PC, select Start > Settings > Devices > Bluetooth and other devices. Hold down the easy route button on your pen for seven seconds to turn on pairing mode, then pick the pen from the rundown of devices and select Pair.

At the point when matched, Windows expect that you are a right-handed individual and works accordingly. This is because when a pen is used for opening the setting menus, the menu opens on the contrary side of the hand being used. This is because if you are correct handed and the menu opens on the correct side of the tip then you probably won’t have the option to see it.

The settings for Pen likewise includes the choices for Visual Effects and Cursor that appears while using the Pen. Truly, you can cripple them whenever you need them. The cursor has appeared as a speck on the position where the tip of Pen is hovering. Some other setting that will definitely come handy to you is “Disregard contact input when I’m using my pen”. This setting will overlook your hand motions and contact when a pen is connected or being used.

Finally, there is one additional setting that you should use. It will permit you to compose anything using Pen and it will be changed over into content. It is named as “Show the handwriting panel when in not tablet mode and there’s no keyboard attached“. When empowered. it will show you a console symbol in the notification region.

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Windows Ink Experience

Windows Ink Experience

Windows Ink Experience is much the same as the app cabinet or start menu which accumulates all the applications you can use with the assistance of a stylus or an advanced Pen. To get to Windows Experience you have to empower Windows Ink Workspace.

Enable Windows Ink Workspace

  1. Right-click on the taskbar.
  2. Click on the Windows Ink Workspace button.
  3. Another button ought to appear on the correct finish of the taskbar.

The workspace used to include applications like Sticky notes, Sketchpad, Screensketch, and late applications.

Windows Ink Workspace

Be that as it may, with the update to Windows 10 rendition 1909, it has changed. At the present time, you get two choices which include Windows Whiteboard and Fullscreen cut.

Windows Whiteboard and Fullscreen cut

You may have made sense that these applications in Windows Ink Workspace are the ones that can work with a Pen and can do ponders.

If you have a Surface device then you may have just comprehended the miracles I’m talking about.

Tell us about your experience of using Pen with your Windows device

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