How to open .tbl Files and What are they?

Well, recently we published alot of guides which are related to uncommon file formats and how to open them. Today, we are here with .tbl files. Surprisingly this format is not uncommon. A large number of programs use this format for their files. Basically .tbl is the extension of table files. The tables are the best way to explain, point out, differentiates, listings and others. We have seen countless websites, apps, and software that users table. And when you download such files they came with the .tbl extension.

Half of your hurdles will get solved through the above paragraph. I hope, you clearly understood what these files are. Now the second matters arrive and i.e how to open .tbl files. You are fortunate with this matter too. Well, you have got a lot of software which lets you open .tbl files easily. Below we mentioned a couple of methods through which Windows can accomplish the task for users.

How to open .tbl files:

Well, there are multiple ways but we are posting to of them. The first method is easier but you have to download a program for this. The second procedure is easier but lengthy (not so much). Choose the one which is convenient for you.

Using software: (Autodesk Civil 3D)

  1. You need to download Autodesk Civil 3D. For this visit this link [Click].
  2. Selecting the Autodesk Civil 3D as a default opener for .tbl files is compulsory.
  3. Once the app installed, launch it on PC. You can add any .tbl file from your computer library. Autodesk will open that within nano-seconds.

Using MS Excel (Default in Windows)

    • Launch Microsoft Excel on your computer. Versions from 2010 to onwards will support .tbl files.
    • Excel must be launched on the Wellcome screen. Once opened click on the option of Open Other Workbooks‘. It is located at the top left corner of the Excel screen.
    • Browse the file from the computer library.
    • Select the .tbl file that you want to open with Excel. But before this select the “All Files (.)” from the File Type menu.

      how to open .tbl files

  • On the next screen, you will see a text import wizard. Click on the radio option with the Deliminated option. Click on the next option.
  • Congratulations your .tbl file is successfully opened.

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