Fix Sysprep Hangs Shutting Down in Windows 10

Fix Sysprep Hangs Shutting Down in Windows 10

Sysprep can start to respond laggy after creating an image file. Many users of Windows OS have complained about this issue. So here, I’ve decided to draft a guide to help you Fix Sysprep Hangs Shutting Down in Windows 10. Becasue when you are having such an issue, your PC starts to restart and is unable to properly shut down because of Sysprep utility. If you are facing such a critical error, follow the steps demonstrated in this article.


 3 Ways To Fix Sysprep Hangs Shutting Down in Windows 10

Use Command Prompt

Fix Sysprep Hangs Shutting Down in Windows 10

  • Open Command prompt from the Cortana search bar.
  • When the CMD utility is launched, execute the following command in it:
    • shutdown -s -f
  • After the command executes, your system will shut down.

Check & Update BIOS

By any chance, if you haven’t visited your desktop or laptop manufacturer’s website, its time you do it. After navigating to such a website, see if there are any pending updates for your motherboard. Becasue if there are, then you should consider updating your BIOS from the official website.

In my experience, I own an HP laptop. So I visit the HP’s official website and learned a way to official update BIOS. You should do the same, depending upon the product you are using.

Use a Template File

For now, if you are becoming a victim of BSoD (Blue Screen of Death), then there’s still hope for you. But you’ll be required to do something a little tricky. You can use a template file to get the job done. It’ll be good if you have an existing template file to shut down your PC. If so, just launch this template file and see the magic. This method is not a permanent solution. Its only a substitute, if the above-provided methods don’t work.

That’s all, keep visiting WindowsBoy for more.

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