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How To Fix CHKDSK Stuck At 0 in Windows 10

by Ishaq Dar
Fix CHKDSK Stuck At 0 in Windows 10

When it comes to cleaning junk files and finding solutions to critical errors, CHKDSK works well for Windows OS users. Mostly this utility is executed by the operating system, whenever it detects any corrupted protocols. Because its purpose is to command your OS to fix the bugged files.

But there are times when a user needs to run this utility by himself. In cases like when programs force-end or his PC starts to process slow as expected. However, some users have complained about CHKDSK getting stuck or frozen error. So here, I’ll demonstrate a guide about How To Fix CHKDSK Stuck At 0 in Windows 10. This way, you’ll be allowed to bypass the error to keep your Windows OS healthy.


2 Ways To Fix CHKDSK Stuck At 0 in Windows 10

Before leading you towards any methods to fix this error, I want you to do something. First, navigate to Windows 10 Settings and open “Update & Security”. From there, check if there are any pending updates. And if there is, then update your OS and see if the error is solved or not.

I’m asking you to do this because no Microsoft has added the ReFS file system in the OS. It is designed to help users lessen human effort and time spent on CHKDSK utility. The basic purpose of this system is to run the repair process in the backend and never bother a user.

Tweak Windows Registry via CMD

Fix CHKDSK Stuck At 0 in Windows 10

  • Insert Windows CD or a pen drive (which contains Windows image file).
  • Restart your PC and when the entered CD or pen drive boots, press Shift + F10 keys.
  • When the command prompt opens, type Regedit in it and press enter.
  • Open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE in the Windows Registry and tap on Load Hive.
  • Now open C:\WindowsSystem32Config and select System.
  • Create a new folder of any name you want.
  • Go to DisksysControlSet001ControlSession Manager >> BootExecute.
  • Rename autocheck autochk * /rDosDeviceC: to autocheck autochk *
  • Open the newly created folder and click on unload Hive.
  • Close the Registry Editor and execute chkdsk c: /r in the command prompt.

Execute Disk Cleanup

Fix CHKDSK Stuck At 0 in Windows 10

  • Launch Disk Cleanup utility from the Cortana Search bar.
  • Select the name of your desired disk.
  • Now make the appropriate selection of files, which you want your OS to delete.
  • Exit the utility and reboot your PC.

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