How to Download GOG Games and Store their backup on Drive

GOG formerly known as GOG Games. If you are also a die-hard lover of nostalgic games. then you must hear of that game. The classic Mario, Pacman, games from Namco and the whole panel of Saga Short Games. These games have a separate fan following. The kind from the ’90s and before them are still in the magic spell cast by these games. GOG is the platform which is keeping ou childhood memories alive.

This platform contains all the nostalgic superhit games. GOG is a neat and well-defined game distribution that caters to the gems of the past most. You will surely want to keep these games offline too. So, you can play them whenever you want. Today we will guide you on how to download GOG game backup and store it on the drive.

How to Download GOG Games Backup on computer:

  • Launch the GOG Galaxy app on your computer.
  • Select the game from your GOG Library
  • Click on the More option, located next to Install or Play
  • Choose the Backups & goodies options
  • Select the game that you want to be kept for backup and offline playing under Game Backup Copy.
  • Backup creating will take its due time.

How to download offline Backup GOG games installer:

  • Visit the GOG Website on your PC browser.
  • Login with your existing GOG game account.
  • Move your mouse cursor on the Account titles on the main page.
  • Choose the games which you want to download from the drop-down list.
  • Click on the Download arrow button to download the GOG game to play it offline.
  • Wait for a few minutes, you know games take enough time to get downloaded.

To check the downloads click on the View Downloads option. Select Download Offline Backup Game installers option. Click each file which you want to download. It will start downloading Via Browser. If the internet download manager is present than its well and good.

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